Sunday, March 31, 2013

its been a while


today is the end of march..among all of those month this month is the most hectic all started with final a tutor i need to prepare final exam question for my students. there are 2 papers that i need to prepare..after finish preparing the question suddenly the college gave me the new format for final exam which was bilingualism. i was like "R U kidding me?" . i have to admit that i hate translating.. it is so difficult to translate especially when i have to make my BM sound reasonable..but thanks to google translate i manage to finish it on time even though the sentence was funny..

last wednesday my dad was admitted to GH for high blood pressure.. at first he had the difficulty to breath so we just sent him to the nearest hospital. then when the doctor did an xray they found that there are water in his lung so they decided to send him to GH because GH have their own specialist.

the next day he was getting better and i asked the doctor about his condition. the doctor did mention that he's ok and if his blood pressure is normal he will be discharge within 1/ 2 days.

the next day was the worst. he looks so sick and he didn't able to wake up..i dont know what happened and i think that the hospital condition make him stress. logicly who doesn't stres if you see people dying everyday..especially the one who's sleeping next to your bed..i miss my BFF nikah day today.. its so stress out..

yesterday he was better but the still have the difficulty to breath back so the doctor put on the oxygen.. but i know how stubborn he is..he take out the oxygen and said that he want to sleep..

going to visit him today later..i called my mum and she told me that my dad blood pressure increase again and he cant move 1 of his leg..i hope that he will be better asap so that he can go home.. tomorrow  i wanted to request a second or first class ward.. normal class is not good for people's condition..

i went to by BFF wedding day was totally fun..i met up with my high school best friend who are usually busy..even though we didn't manage to tell every little secret but we manage to catch up..


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