Monday, December 31, 2012

end of 2012


today is the last day in tomorrow will be the starting of a new year..before this i usually thought that 'new year new me' but i think that i'm still remain the same..

so, flash back to is my most favourite year so far.. i graduated and employed this year..i'm no longer a student..when i was a student i thought that working is easy compare to going to class, exam, assignment and all other stuffs that students need to do..but it turn up the opposite of what i think..

i'm work as assistant lecturer..b4 this i thought that teaching is easy..but it is so difficult..i need to prepare notes, teach, prepare quiz/ assignment/question & etc..not only i work on my office hour but i usually bring my tasks home..

the best thing bout my new place is the annual leave that they give me..i get 25 days of AL..but i will get them after my probation for this upcoming January i take unpaid leave for my is better than let my ticket burn..