Friday, November 30, 2012



i have been to 4 interviews and 1 phone interview for this months..the first one was bp healthcare group as the medical laboratory technologist..the interview always started by introducing myself follow by a few simple question by the interviewer..i was interviewed by the lab manager so she asked me about my lab i just tell them what i did on my lab class and my final year project..most of the time the lab manager explained about their working is actually interesting where you can try a new thing like checking someone's blood pressure, bone density and even take their blood.. the condition was like working in the hospital..i nail this job but i reject it because i have to work for them minimally 1.5 years..

my second interview was a short phone interview with nestle. they ask quiet the same question.
introduce about yourself..
what are your strength and weakness.
why are applying for this position
do you received any scholar
what do u always do on weekend when you're not working
and several question that i forget takes bout 10 to 15 minutes for the phone interview..i passed this phoned interview so i was called for the face to face interview with the nestle manager

the 3rd interview was with nestle..i can either choose to be interviewed by skype or face to face..i choose f2f cause i wanna go to kl..i'm currently unemployed so this is the best time for me to spend my time jalan2 before i stuck working somewhere..they interview was schedule at 10 but i have to be at menara surian 1 hour early..the interviewer was very nice.. they make me feel more comfortable..they mostly ask me question based on my resume and a few question bout their company..i failed this interview so i did'nt manage to go on the 3rd round which is case, there are 5 stages of interview..

my forth interview was at North Borneo Herbal Biotechnology as the project coordinator. this is the company where my 2 ex coursemate are doing their internship under BEST program. i was the fourth person that arrived for the interview..the staff called us to the boss's we (all together 5) went into that room and sit on the sofa..we were interview by their boss..same old question..he asked us to introduce ourselves in 2 minutes..then he asked us to asked questions among ourselves..after that he did explained a little bit about their company. in the end of the interview he asked me and another chinese boy to stay for the second round interview..we waited bout about 1/2 an hour chit chat before he called that boy to interview..then it's my turn..this interview is like a chit chat between us..he asked me if i have any questions and he did explain to make it more clear..i didn't get any respond yet regarding this interview.. i just assume that if they have only 1 vacancy that position will be fill by that boy because he went for the interview for 1 hour..i just went for the second interview foe 20 minutes..

my last interview for this month was yesterday as the assistant lecturer at ICT is not a glamour college but it located nearby from my house..they called me 2 days before the interview..they asked me to prepare a slide for mock teaching..i did prepare a short slide on microbiology. i was asked to come at 9 ut my interview was at 12..the staff budget 10 to 15 minutes of interview but the interviewer interviewed for about 1/2 an hour per person. the asked normal question..introduce..strength..any experience in teaching..familiarity with lab equipment..fyp..they asked me to tick on the subject that i can teach..lastly presentation..they did comment that i need to correct my pronunciation .. i was nervous and i did present terribly..should take note on that and improve myself later..