Monday, October 22, 2012

monday again


hello monday..people usually said monday blues..but the are not what i exactly feel cause i work 6days a week and my cuti is not on weekend..

last thursday i received a call from easy rhb saying that i got that job in 1 branch located in penang which was not quite near to my house but i still manage to go to work from home..i as usual was super excited.. i keep on asking people about that job..they said that my working hour is 8 hours including break..the working time start from 9am to 7pm.. my mum said that it is ok as long as i can come back home early..

the more i ask people about that job the more i freaked out..then i realized why don't i just try first then judge it..if it is not suitable then quit..they only want two week notice..

last night i manage to apply sime darby management trainee last minute.. cause the deadline was today..hope that they will process my application even though i think that i'm not actually qualified for that requirement..hello!! the want candidates with pointer 3.5 and above..hope that all the clever people further study so that they don't apply..hehe

i was so over usm..its been 3 months since the closing date and there still in shortlisting mode..definitely make me think that i didn't i need to move on and apply more..especially applying for the big company even though it is not located in far i applied

  • indah water
  • nestle
  • sime darby
  • and lots more at job street which i can't even remember
for all jobless people out there, the easiest way to be 'unjobless' try to apply work in sales ..cause they desperately need your chance to get the job is higher..just try it will not loss anuything by trying..who know if that job will suit you well..


Thursday, October 18, 2012

october already??


i just realize that i didn't write any post on i busy??


i don't even have the answer for that question. i've been working 9 / 12 hours a day depends on my shift at the far i think that my job is relax and sometimes boring..but thanks to mcd for providing free wifi so i can online when i'm bored..i even can watch youtube when i work..

last saturday was my convocation day..i went there with my mum and aunt since my dad is not well..i don't feel like uploading the pic cause i already uploaded them at my FB..the weather was fine but it was rain when we stepped out of the hall which was a pics with friends cause of the rain..the shades were crowded with people..u hardly can find your own parents but luckily my mum found me..

right now i'm still working at the mall..i got a job as......... dont want to jinx it cause i didn't get the official letter yet..just hoping that they don't suddenly cross my name after i sent my resign letter..if i dont get that job i am officially a jobless person..i think that being jobless is more fun than working..working makes me tired..i'm craving for a long holiday now..well, january is still far away.. when it come i will definitely say 'HELLO SABAH!!'

besides from that i also moving a step forward.. i'm trying a new facial product..i bought facial form and toner from etude house..yeay.. i used the balance money from my convocation trip..i bought Happy essential form vit C and be clear skin it if you wanna know how tehy look like..i didnt try them yet..and i get free give water bottle, mask, facial wash and bb cream that shop..the sale assistant was kind and helpful..i definitely will go to that shop again..maybe someday when i have money to spend..hehe

i'm also addicted to saving right now..i plan to save my whole october salary in my asb..hope that i can manage to do that..hehe..

got to go..hope that i will have more time to write again..