Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat hari raya


alhamdulillah..finally after 1 month of fasting we're able to celebrate eid mubarak..i've celebrated raya at home like the previous year cause everybody will gather at my home at 1st raya..ramadhan was over and lots of grateful things happened during ramadhan..eventhough i didnt update my blog daily but i hope that i manage to write down all the memorable experience here..

1st of all i manage to find a part time job..eventhough it is not the real job (i mean i didn't even use my diploma or degree to get that job), but i think i'm ok with it..working means that i'm no longer depends on my parents anymore and now it is the time for me to take care of them..and my salary is not so bombastic but it is enough for me and my parents..hopefully..

2nd i submitted my resume to agrobank..i thought that they would black listed me cause i already rejected their interview session last month..last month they call me for an interview in KL and i rejected it and alhamdulillah thet call me again for an interview for the assistant executive position..the interview was held in Butterworth..i went there with my mum and the interview went well and the result will be out within 1 month..eventhough that position is for diploma holder and the salary is also in their range but i don't actually mind cause the priority for me now is to get a real job..hopefully i will get that job..Amin..

3rd..instead of shopping for raya i shop for something else..hehe..i only get my self a new baju kurung for raya..thats shoes, no bag and no ect..i bought a new phone for raya..shall we call it handphone raya??i bought sony sola last thursday..went to bukit jambul shopping complex with my mum and bought i end up owing my mum 1k for hp and i think my first salary was gone before i get it..hehe..

that all..hope that u'll get the blast raya this year which was better than before..


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1st day..


today is my first day working..yeay..but i'm so tired..especially when i have to stand up during ramadhan..

hope that i will be strong enough to work and hope that i don't give up easily..Amin..and i'm still hoping that USM will call me for the interview..AMIN..