Thursday, July 12, 2012

..just mumbling..


this is my not so latest checklist

final exam: done
fyp presentation: done
thesis: done

i'm no longer a degree student..i usually think that working is easier than studying..and i'm wrong..even searching for the suitable job is difficult..the difficulty levels grow step by step..after applying for the job you are called for the interview..then if you successfully selected, you got the job..let see where am i right now..i'm just in the step of applying for a job..i didn't even get to any interview phone doesn't ring at frustrated..

but patience is a virtue..and i do believe anything happened for a reason and Allah knows what the best for us..maybe there is something great waiting for me..hopefully..Amin..

i don't know either i am qualified to be a teacher or not but i apply for a part time teacher post yesterday..right now i'm applying for a part time job because i didn't get any luck for a full time job..i'm actually confuse whether i wanted to work part time or stay at home doing is almost ramadhan and working as a part timer is a burden and staying at home doing nothing makes me broke..

hopefully i'll get the clue on what i should do next..


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