Thursday, July 19, 2012



tadi time aku tengah best2 melayan citer korea tetiba je ada no dari kl call aku..aku pun dengan excitednya angkat sambil pikir kerja apa aku apply kat kl..rasa cam xde je..bila angkat je rupanya secretary dr puad yang call aku..dia tnya aku nak tak jadi RA under prof noraini.. a lexturer from forestry..aku cakap aku xtau..aku pikir dulu..then dia bagi no phone prof 2 and suh aku gtau kawan aku skali..seriously aku xtau nak accept ke x..but aku still call that prof..she said that kna smbung master malas je nak sambung master tapi bila apply keja xdapat2 lak..bukan xdapat..maybe not my luck..

there are a few interviews that i blow away actually..
1. warehouse officer at top glove
i didn't reject it but the stuff like to reschedule my interview saying that the interviewer has to take emergency leave..logically xkan la ada sorang je interviewer kan??last2 dorang mendiamkan diri..

2. management trainee at esquel group
dorang call aku tok interview tapi malangny aku xde kat penang time 2 and paling best time 2 aku final exam..aku minta reschedule tapi dorg kata xbleh..huhu..

3. management trainee at aeon
dorang panggil to walk in interview kat kl..wat la kat penang..kl cam jauh sgt je tok aku g interview..kalau dapat ok la..kalau xdpat wat rugi je gi jejauh..

so latest offer now RA..i'm still thinking either i should accept it or not..huhu..


Thursday, July 12, 2012

..just mumbling..


this is my not so latest checklist

final exam: done
fyp presentation: done
thesis: done

i'm no longer a degree student..i usually think that working is easier than studying..and i'm wrong..even searching for the suitable job is difficult..the difficulty levels grow step by step..after applying for the job you are called for the interview..then if you successfully selected, you got the job..let see where am i right now..i'm just in the step of applying for a job..i didn't even get to any interview phone doesn't ring at frustrated..

but patience is a virtue..and i do believe anything happened for a reason and Allah knows what the best for us..maybe there is something great waiting for me..hopefully..Amin..

i don't know either i am qualified to be a teacher or not but i apply for a part time teacher post yesterday..right now i'm applying for a part time job because i didn't get any luck for a full time job..i'm actually confuse whether i wanted to work part time or stay at home doing is almost ramadhan and working as a part timer is a burden and staying at home doing nothing makes me broke..

hopefully i'll get the clue on what i should do next..