Wednesday, June 13, 2012

it was over


last week at the same day as today but not at the same time i was very2 was my FYP presentation day..after a few months struggling to get a result for my project i finally did it evnthough the result was not good enough..during my presentation i dont know what i said and i even dont know what i answered..i'm not sure either my answers was correct or not also..but who was over..i mean it..

exactly 1 day after presentation i went home..last time i was home was in march..can u imagine that?? its a long time since i was home..i feel far away from home..sedangkan i live in penang and its only about 5 hours from UPM..and 1 hour by flight.. when i did my diploma i never thought about riding a bus..i think that bus was not i choose flight over bus..when i did my degree i don't fell like i love having a long journey to the airport and i choose bus over i think that the flight price was expensive compare to the last time i take it..last time my flight (i mean air asia) offer 15 kg bags..but now if u want to include bag u need to pay for that..that is mean..majority people need bags to travel..its not like we all melenggang lenggang kangkung going somewhere or home..i though about choosing MAS over airasia but the price of MAS is expensive..

at home i didnt study..i have test this coming friday..i spent my time playing with my cats miu2 and parents change their name..miu2 become kembang (dad)/gebu(mom) and mo2 become awang or abang. we were worried with miu2 coz her mom doesnt take care of them anymore..mo2 was a survival..when his mom ignore him he lepak with other cats mum by miu2 dont want..she also dont want to eat their food..she only eat fish with 1 day my mum asked me to buy a milk for her..when i went to the farmasi i also bought a packet of fish for her priced 1.30..and now she addicted to that food..everyday she will come to me and asked for it..we only buy that food for her and not for the others..hehe

ermm..yesterday i went back here..i printed all my plant notes and ready to study.. i tried to study last night but i ended sleeping from 10 pm till morning..believe me..i today i need to struggle..yeay me..

wish me luck for my final exam..


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