Sunday, May 27, 2012

week 14


it's sunday again..i have to submit my thesis this week..but i didnt finish up yet..i really2 miss home..i can't wait to settle everything here and balik rumah.. actually there's lots of places that i wanna go b4 i balik rumah but sadly i dont have time for that..being a final year student doesnt seem happy like u means that u r almost finish..a yeay..but u r bz almost all the time and u need to decide your path after that which are either further study or working..a nay..

i decide to work because i think that i am too old to further study and almost all my friends are working..if i'm still study where will i find money to support my needs??i know that master student have scholarship..but i dont think that it is enough for me..i do need money for holiday..i plan to go out of malaysia for holiday this year..

let see what i have to do this week

  • submit thesis: i have to submit my thesis to the department this week..actually i've done chapter 1 till 5..submit it for checking to my supervisor last friday..sadly, he was on leave until monday.. so i dont know either he will check it or not..but deeply i hope that he will check it cause that affects my marks OK??
  • pamphlet for plant class: i need to online in 1 website..cant remember the name of that website and i need to make a pamphlet..yeay..havent that that yet also..
  • plan a party for the people who help me a lot for my FYP: hopefully i can do this on this Tuesday cause i don't have class on that day..
  • submit statistics assignment: we're planning to do that tomorrow after class..hopefully we can finish that tomorrow and submit asap..
  • interview at top glove: yeah..believe it or not i got an interview there..just hope that i can do my best during the interview and get the job..
ok.. so much drama so little time..

i will start by finish up my thesis 1st..

c ya..


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