Sunday, May 27, 2012

week 14


it's sunday again..i have to submit my thesis this week..but i didnt finish up yet..i really2 miss home..i can't wait to settle everything here and balik rumah.. actually there's lots of places that i wanna go b4 i balik rumah but sadly i dont have time for that..being a final year student doesnt seem happy like u means that u r almost finish..a yeay..but u r bz almost all the time and u need to decide your path after that which are either further study or working..a nay..

i decide to work because i think that i am too old to further study and almost all my friends are working..if i'm still study where will i find money to support my needs??i know that master student have scholarship..but i dont think that it is enough for me..i do need money for holiday..i plan to go out of malaysia for holiday this year..

let see what i have to do this week

  • submit thesis: i have to submit my thesis to the department this week..actually i've done chapter 1 till 5..submit it for checking to my supervisor last friday..sadly, he was on leave until monday.. so i dont know either he will check it or not..but deeply i hope that he will check it cause that affects my marks OK??
  • pamphlet for plant class: i need to online in 1 website..cant remember the name of that website and i need to make a pamphlet..yeay..havent that that yet also..
  • plan a party for the people who help me a lot for my FYP: hopefully i can do this on this Tuesday cause i don't have class on that day..
  • submit statistics assignment: we're planning to do that tomorrow after class..hopefully we can finish that tomorrow and submit asap..
  • interview at top glove: yeah..believe it or not i got an interview there..just hope that i can do my best during the interview and get the job..
ok.. so much drama so little time..

i will start by finish up my thesis 1st..

c ya..


Sunday, May 13, 2012

just a luahan perasaan on weekend


its already week 12 of my final sem..i didn't finish my fyp, presentation slide and even my thesis..i have to submit everything on week 13..what am i suppose to do when i don't even get my data yet..i admit that i enjoy doing what am i doing right now..doing my project and get the data..lepak with my coursemate at the lab and doing everything together..but as far as i know someone who SUCK steal everything from me..

i wonder how come in an educated place like this it still have that kind a that person have a feeling??NO!! what did he/she will get by destroying our work and worse our life.. that y he stay lonely..people like that can't survive the world..maybe right now he's the dictator but who know what will happen in the future..i pity him for being so full of himself and trap in his small day when he face the real world he will know how small he is..hopefully kalau dia panjang umur la kan..

i just need to be patient for about 1 more week or should i say a few day..cause i don't even feel like i love to go to the lab to continue what i miss.. all thanx to that suck guy..but thanx again for showing us your true self cause that just make us stronger..we can even be a fighter that can hunt u down.


Sunday, May 6, 2012



been bz lately..


wish me luck