Sunday, March 25, 2012

tired weekend


today is sunday..tomorrow will definitely be monday..yesterday i spent my time accompanying my friend shopped for her party dress.. right..when i heard that word, the first thing that come on my mind was gossip gossip girl, their clothes (dress and tux was fabulous)..not to forget their mask..the party was i need to remind you about their dress?

when i'm not yet 21 i always has my mind set that when i'm 21 i will only shop at nonsense..till today i never buy anything from that store..i plan that i wanted a dress, skirt and palazzo this year..but i end up with 2 dresses..

i can't believe monday already coming..this coming week must be the busiest week of my semester..assignment, presentation and project are enough to keep me busy..i can't wait for june..

*i feel so tired after washing my clothes manually since all the washing machine in my college were gone..need to rest for a while..


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