Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saya Dah Guna Voucher Buku..Yeay..

i went to MPH on 14 feb..and seriously xtau nak beli apa..lama gak la dok melepak2 dalam 2..then i end up buying

mostly the novel was chosen by Gemoki Chan..Sah jiwang mamat nie..i wanted to buy english novel actually..but i dont think that it is worth compare to big bad wolf..hehe..

pen and shaker from my favourite brand..gonna borong pen banyak2 lagi nanti..

 my receipt..the workers tell me that i need to go on mph again this weekend to claim my rm 5 voucher..hehe..
close up..i need to add rm1.80 cash for friends said better beli lebih than kurang cause if kurang they wont be giving u the balance..



  1. Hlovate!My fav ever!Those are excellent..Tunas and aa+bb was fab..Contengan jalanan more like one's journey life.No plot.Just a story made.Nice book with deeper meaning indeed!Have fun reading those babe!!

  2. ok..i will read them when i'm free..hehe..hg still minat novel eh??hehe