Sunday, February 12, 2012

plain february


i'm at UPM now!! wee!!...well after i lepak about 1 week at home and now i'm back..i can't say now cause i'm here since thursday..hehe..

i'm definitely miss my home, my parents and shonet so much..wish that i can fly back to my home everyday..ok now i need to be patient..lagi 5 bulan je..then i can stay in penang like forever...yeay..

its my plans for february are:

  • be more ME than being what somebody wants me to be
  • save more money 
  • limit my shopping
  • get updated with old buddies
  • control my anger
a piece of advice to somebody who dont like me or kind a think that i'm suck: i dont care bout what u think..i only care bout what my family, BFFs and BF think bout me.. u're nothing in my life..even my cat is more important than u..and i DONT NEED U..


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