Wednesday, February 29, 2012


it's 29 february..isn't it special.. happen once every 4 years..tomorrow the new month come..march...may march brings more luck to us..

so my plan for march
  • study hard for my 1st test..need to score it cause this is my final semester..don't wanna put myself in trouble later..need to stay focus..
  • save as much money as i can..i need it..need to save for after study period especially when i will be hunting for won't be free..
  • stop shopping spree mis cause you have more than enough clothes and etc..


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saya Dah Guna Voucher Buku..Yeay..

i went to MPH on 14 feb..and seriously xtau nak beli apa..lama gak la dok melepak2 dalam 2..then i end up buying

mostly the novel was chosen by Gemoki Chan..Sah jiwang mamat nie..i wanted to buy english novel actually..but i dont think that it is worth compare to big bad wolf..hehe..

pen and shaker from my favourite brand..gonna borong pen banyak2 lagi nanti..

 my receipt..the workers tell me that i need to go on mph again this weekend to claim my rm 5 voucher..hehe..
close up..i need to add rm1.80 cash for friends said better beli lebih than kurang cause if kurang they wont be giving u the balance..


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


this song was dedicated by Gemoki Chan 2 me yesterday..

love u 2 dear..


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love DaY..

today is 14 feb 2012..i didnt celebrate Valentine's day..i celebrated my anniversary with Gemoki's our third anniversary and hope that our relationship will last forever..

this is just a quick update cause i'm currently reading a malay novel which i can't help myself from stop reading..hehe..ciao..


Sunday, February 12, 2012

plain february


i'm at UPM now!! wee!!...well after i lepak about 1 week at home and now i'm back..i can't say now cause i'm here since thursday..hehe..

i'm definitely miss my home, my parents and shonet so much..wish that i can fly back to my home everyday..ok now i need to be patient..lagi 5 bulan je..then i can stay in penang like forever...yeay..

its my plans for february are:

  • be more ME than being what somebody wants me to be
  • save more money 
  • limit my shopping
  • get updated with old buddies
  • control my anger
a piece of advice to somebody who dont like me or kind a think that i'm suck: i dont care bout what u think..i only care bout what my family, BFFs and BF think bout me.. u're nothing in my life..even my cat is more important than u..and i DONT NEED U..