Friday, January 20, 2012

year of the DRAGON..


its morning and raining..

i've been lepaking in my room sambil layan video at youtube of Gemersik Kalbu and Hannah Montana..quite boring..everybody who live here has been busy packaging their stuff and majority had balik rumah for mid term holiday..i pathetically have to stay here for my FYP..i miss being home for raya cina..i still remember when i was young (not that i'm OLD right now, i mean when i was in primary school), my friends and i loved to follow the lori 'naga' or 'singa' that will perform their dance at someone's my village there is malay location and chinese we dengan gigihnya kejar lori 2 eventhough terasa sangat takut if terjumpa anjing..the best part is when they bakar loud plus u can see the lion..sangat best..

 honestly i love lion dance more than dragon..hehehe..usually i watch the lion dance at the mall more going after their the part when the dancers through away or give the orange to people who watch them..its not like i'm the orange lover but i just feel very happy when i receive that orange..

it's the year of DRAGON..the zodiac which i was according to Chinese calender, i'm 25 this year.. quarter than 100..owhh..i'm totally old.. AWESOME...hehehehe...i love the dragon mascot created by cute..

i've finish my january goal which was done my best for my final i need to set a new goal..

survive staying in the college during the mid term holiday and save more money...


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