Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New YeaR


Well, its already 3rd Jan 2012 and i hope i'm not too late to wish Happy New Year..

Currently doing : Study 4 my Final EXAM..Yeah..so not cool..

So, here are my 2012 plans:

  • Goal for January
    • Score for my final exam, hence upgrade my CGPA.. wish me luck!!! i'm gonna needs lots of luck 4 this..i'm not a focus type girl..i always plan for something and i failed to fulfill my plan..so i need to make a short term plan that i can try to do immediately 

  • Exercise more
    • i'm gonna be 24 this year..so i need to work up more..need to start take care of my health seriously..(Gemoki Chan..Jom g jogs)..i went to Daiso last week and bought a skipping..need to jump more..hehe..and drink lots of plain water..

  • Search for more positive things and love others
    • hoping that i will involve more than watching..i wanna do something instead of watching..i dunno how to describe this..hehe..and i need to spend lots of times with my loves..

  • Enjoy
    • need to be very grateful and enjoy every single things..


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