Monday, December 31, 2012

end of 2012


today is the last day in tomorrow will be the starting of a new year..before this i usually thought that 'new year new me' but i think that i'm still remain the same..

so, flash back to is my most favourite year so far.. i graduated and employed this year..i'm no longer a student..when i was a student i thought that working is easy compare to going to class, exam, assignment and all other stuffs that students need to do..but it turn up the opposite of what i think..

i'm work as assistant lecturer..b4 this i thought that teaching is easy..but it is so difficult..i need to prepare notes, teach, prepare quiz/ assignment/question & etc..not only i work on my office hour but i usually bring my tasks home..

the best thing bout my new place is the annual leave that they give me..i get 25 days of AL..but i will get them after my probation for this upcoming January i take unpaid leave for my is better than let my ticket burn..


Friday, November 30, 2012



i have been to 4 interviews and 1 phone interview for this months..the first one was bp healthcare group as the medical laboratory technologist..the interview always started by introducing myself follow by a few simple question by the interviewer..i was interviewed by the lab manager so she asked me about my lab i just tell them what i did on my lab class and my final year project..most of the time the lab manager explained about their working is actually interesting where you can try a new thing like checking someone's blood pressure, bone density and even take their blood.. the condition was like working in the hospital..i nail this job but i reject it because i have to work for them minimally 1.5 years..

my second interview was a short phone interview with nestle. they ask quiet the same question.
introduce about yourself..
what are your strength and weakness.
why are applying for this position
do you received any scholar
what do u always do on weekend when you're not working
and several question that i forget takes bout 10 to 15 minutes for the phone interview..i passed this phoned interview so i was called for the face to face interview with the nestle manager

the 3rd interview was with nestle..i can either choose to be interviewed by skype or face to face..i choose f2f cause i wanna go to kl..i'm currently unemployed so this is the best time for me to spend my time jalan2 before i stuck working somewhere..they interview was schedule at 10 but i have to be at menara surian 1 hour early..the interviewer was very nice.. they make me feel more comfortable..they mostly ask me question based on my resume and a few question bout their company..i failed this interview so i did'nt manage to go on the 3rd round which is case, there are 5 stages of interview..

my forth interview was at North Borneo Herbal Biotechnology as the project coordinator. this is the company where my 2 ex coursemate are doing their internship under BEST program. i was the fourth person that arrived for the interview..the staff called us to the boss's we (all together 5) went into that room and sit on the sofa..we were interview by their boss..same old question..he asked us to introduce ourselves in 2 minutes..then he asked us to asked questions among ourselves..after that he did explained a little bit about their company. in the end of the interview he asked me and another chinese boy to stay for the second round interview..we waited bout about 1/2 an hour chit chat before he called that boy to interview..then it's my turn..this interview is like a chit chat between us..he asked me if i have any questions and he did explain to make it more clear..i didn't get any respond yet regarding this interview.. i just assume that if they have only 1 vacancy that position will be fill by that boy because he went for the interview for 1 hour..i just went for the second interview foe 20 minutes..

my last interview for this month was yesterday as the assistant lecturer at ICT is not a glamour college but it located nearby from my house..they called me 2 days before the interview..they asked me to prepare a slide for mock teaching..i did prepare a short slide on microbiology. i was asked to come at 9 ut my interview was at 12..the staff budget 10 to 15 minutes of interview but the interviewer interviewed for about 1/2 an hour per person. the asked normal question..introduce..strength..any experience in teaching..familiarity with lab equipment..fyp..they asked me to tick on the subject that i can teach..lastly presentation..they did comment that i need to correct my pronunciation .. i was nervous and i did present terribly..should take note on that and improve myself later..


Monday, October 22, 2012

monday again


hello monday..people usually said monday blues..but the are not what i exactly feel cause i work 6days a week and my cuti is not on weekend..

last thursday i received a call from easy rhb saying that i got that job in 1 branch located in penang which was not quite near to my house but i still manage to go to work from home..i as usual was super excited.. i keep on asking people about that job..they said that my working hour is 8 hours including break..the working time start from 9am to 7pm.. my mum said that it is ok as long as i can come back home early..

the more i ask people about that job the more i freaked out..then i realized why don't i just try first then judge it..if it is not suitable then quit..they only want two week notice..

last night i manage to apply sime darby management trainee last minute.. cause the deadline was today..hope that they will process my application even though i think that i'm not actually qualified for that requirement..hello!! the want candidates with pointer 3.5 and above..hope that all the clever people further study so that they don't apply..hehe

i was so over usm..its been 3 months since the closing date and there still in shortlisting mode..definitely make me think that i didn't i need to move on and apply more..especially applying for the big company even though it is not located in far i applied

  • indah water
  • nestle
  • sime darby
  • and lots more at job street which i can't even remember
for all jobless people out there, the easiest way to be 'unjobless' try to apply work in sales ..cause they desperately need your chance to get the job is higher..just try it will not loss anuything by trying..who know if that job will suit you well..


Thursday, October 18, 2012

october already??


i just realize that i didn't write any post on i busy??


i don't even have the answer for that question. i've been working 9 / 12 hours a day depends on my shift at the far i think that my job is relax and sometimes boring..but thanks to mcd for providing free wifi so i can online when i'm bored..i even can watch youtube when i work..

last saturday was my convocation day..i went there with my mum and aunt since my dad is not well..i don't feel like uploading the pic cause i already uploaded them at my FB..the weather was fine but it was rain when we stepped out of the hall which was a pics with friends cause of the rain..the shades were crowded with people..u hardly can find your own parents but luckily my mum found me..

right now i'm still working at the mall..i got a job as......... dont want to jinx it cause i didn't get the official letter yet..just hoping that they don't suddenly cross my name after i sent my resign letter..if i dont get that job i am officially a jobless person..i think that being jobless is more fun than working..working makes me tired..i'm craving for a long holiday now..well, january is still far away.. when it come i will definitely say 'HELLO SABAH!!'

besides from that i also moving a step forward.. i'm trying a new facial product..i bought facial form and toner from etude house..yeay.. i used the balance money from my convocation trip..i bought Happy essential form vit C and be clear skin it if you wanna know how tehy look like..i didnt try them yet..and i get free give water bottle, mask, facial wash and bb cream that shop..the sale assistant was kind and helpful..i definitely will go to that shop again..maybe someday when i have money to spend..hehe

i'm also addicted to saving right now..i plan to save my whole october salary in my asb..hope that i can manage to do that..hehe..

got to go..hope that i will have more time to write again..


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat hari raya


alhamdulillah..finally after 1 month of fasting we're able to celebrate eid mubarak..i've celebrated raya at home like the previous year cause everybody will gather at my home at 1st raya..ramadhan was over and lots of grateful things happened during ramadhan..eventhough i didnt update my blog daily but i hope that i manage to write down all the memorable experience here..

1st of all i manage to find a part time job..eventhough it is not the real job (i mean i didn't even use my diploma or degree to get that job), but i think i'm ok with it..working means that i'm no longer depends on my parents anymore and now it is the time for me to take care of them..and my salary is not so bombastic but it is enough for me and my parents..hopefully..

2nd i submitted my resume to agrobank..i thought that they would black listed me cause i already rejected their interview session last month..last month they call me for an interview in KL and i rejected it and alhamdulillah thet call me again for an interview for the assistant executive position..the interview was held in Butterworth..i went there with my mum and the interview went well and the result will be out within 1 month..eventhough that position is for diploma holder and the salary is also in their range but i don't actually mind cause the priority for me now is to get a real job..hopefully i will get that job..Amin..

3rd..instead of shopping for raya i shop for something else..hehe..i only get my self a new baju kurung for raya..thats shoes, no bag and no ect..i bought a new phone for raya..shall we call it handphone raya??i bought sony sola last thursday..went to bukit jambul shopping complex with my mum and bought i end up owing my mum 1k for hp and i think my first salary was gone before i get it..hehe..

that all..hope that u'll get the blast raya this year which was better than before..


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1st day..


today is my first day working..yeay..but i'm so tired..especially when i have to stand up during ramadhan..

hope that i will be strong enough to work and hope that i don't give up easily..Amin..and i'm still hoping that USM will call me for the interview..AMIN..


Thursday, July 19, 2012



tadi time aku tengah best2 melayan citer korea tetiba je ada no dari kl call aku..aku pun dengan excitednya angkat sambil pikir kerja apa aku apply kat kl..rasa cam xde je..bila angkat je rupanya secretary dr puad yang call aku..dia tnya aku nak tak jadi RA under prof noraini.. a lexturer from forestry..aku cakap aku xtau..aku pikir dulu..then dia bagi no phone prof 2 and suh aku gtau kawan aku skali..seriously aku xtau nak accept ke x..but aku still call that prof..she said that kna smbung master malas je nak sambung master tapi bila apply keja xdapat2 lak..bukan xdapat..maybe not my luck..

there are a few interviews that i blow away actually..
1. warehouse officer at top glove
i didn't reject it but the stuff like to reschedule my interview saying that the interviewer has to take emergency leave..logically xkan la ada sorang je interviewer kan??last2 dorang mendiamkan diri..

2. management trainee at esquel group
dorang call aku tok interview tapi malangny aku xde kat penang time 2 and paling best time 2 aku final exam..aku minta reschedule tapi dorg kata xbleh..huhu..

3. management trainee at aeon
dorang panggil to walk in interview kat kl..wat la kat penang..kl cam jauh sgt je tok aku g interview..kalau dapat ok la..kalau xdpat wat rugi je gi jejauh..

so latest offer now RA..i'm still thinking either i should accept it or not..huhu..


Thursday, July 12, 2012

..just mumbling..


this is my not so latest checklist

final exam: done
fyp presentation: done
thesis: done

i'm no longer a degree student..i usually think that working is easier than studying..and i'm wrong..even searching for the suitable job is difficult..the difficulty levels grow step by step..after applying for the job you are called for the interview..then if you successfully selected, you got the job..let see where am i right now..i'm just in the step of applying for a job..i didn't even get to any interview phone doesn't ring at frustrated..

but patience is a virtue..and i do believe anything happened for a reason and Allah knows what the best for us..maybe there is something great waiting for me..hopefully..Amin..

i don't know either i am qualified to be a teacher or not but i apply for a part time teacher post yesterday..right now i'm applying for a part time job because i didn't get any luck for a full time job..i'm actually confuse whether i wanted to work part time or stay at home doing is almost ramadhan and working as a part timer is a burden and staying at home doing nothing makes me broke..

hopefully i'll get the clue on what i should do next..


Monday, June 18, 2012

got test tomorrow


i have test tomorrow but i didn't study yet..i don't have mood for that..i can't wait for my exam to over..


Sunday, June 17, 2012

final exam


today is my bff engagement day..but i didnt have the opportunity to attend due to final exam..i have another 2 papers which are on tuesday and friday..after that i will be busy with my thesis..then i'm totally free..yeay..but i'm not quite happy..getting degree is not something that i should be celebrate..after this i have to get a job so that i can pay my debt..i dont have a job yet and i have lots of debt..huhu..

k forget bout the debt, i have an interview later at Top Glove..wish me luck..but right now i have to study first..



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

it was over


last week at the same day as today but not at the same time i was very2 was my FYP presentation day..after a few months struggling to get a result for my project i finally did it evnthough the result was not good enough..during my presentation i dont know what i said and i even dont know what i answered..i'm not sure either my answers was correct or not also..but who was over..i mean it..

exactly 1 day after presentation i went home..last time i was home was in march..can u imagine that?? its a long time since i was home..i feel far away from home..sedangkan i live in penang and its only about 5 hours from UPM..and 1 hour by flight.. when i did my diploma i never thought about riding a bus..i think that bus was not i choose flight over bus..when i did my degree i don't fell like i love having a long journey to the airport and i choose bus over i think that the flight price was expensive compare to the last time i take it..last time my flight (i mean air asia) offer 15 kg bags..but now if u want to include bag u need to pay for that..that is mean..majority people need bags to travel..its not like we all melenggang lenggang kangkung going somewhere or home..i though about choosing MAS over airasia but the price of MAS is expensive..

at home i didnt study..i have test this coming friday..i spent my time playing with my cats miu2 and parents change their name..miu2 become kembang (dad)/gebu(mom) and mo2 become awang or abang. we were worried with miu2 coz her mom doesnt take care of them anymore..mo2 was a survival..when his mom ignore him he lepak with other cats mum by miu2 dont want..she also dont want to eat their food..she only eat fish with 1 day my mum asked me to buy a milk for her..when i went to the farmasi i also bought a packet of fish for her priced 1.30..and now she addicted to that food..everyday she will come to me and asked for it..we only buy that food for her and not for the others..hehe

ermm..yesterday i went back here..i printed all my plant notes and ready to study.. i tried to study last night but i ended sleeping from 10 pm till morning..believe me..i today i need to struggle..yeay me..

wish me luck for my final exam..


Sunday, May 27, 2012

week 14


it's sunday again..i have to submit my thesis this week..but i didnt finish up yet..i really2 miss home..i can't wait to settle everything here and balik rumah.. actually there's lots of places that i wanna go b4 i balik rumah but sadly i dont have time for that..being a final year student doesnt seem happy like u means that u r almost finish..a yeay..but u r bz almost all the time and u need to decide your path after that which are either further study or working..a nay..

i decide to work because i think that i am too old to further study and almost all my friends are working..if i'm still study where will i find money to support my needs??i know that master student have scholarship..but i dont think that it is enough for me..i do need money for holiday..i plan to go out of malaysia for holiday this year..

let see what i have to do this week

  • submit thesis: i have to submit my thesis to the department this week..actually i've done chapter 1 till 5..submit it for checking to my supervisor last friday..sadly, he was on leave until monday.. so i dont know either he will check it or not..but deeply i hope that he will check it cause that affects my marks OK??
  • pamphlet for plant class: i need to online in 1 website..cant remember the name of that website and i need to make a pamphlet..yeay..havent that that yet also..
  • plan a party for the people who help me a lot for my FYP: hopefully i can do this on this Tuesday cause i don't have class on that day..
  • submit statistics assignment: we're planning to do that tomorrow after class..hopefully we can finish that tomorrow and submit asap..
  • interview at top glove: yeah..believe it or not i got an interview there..just hope that i can do my best during the interview and get the job..
ok.. so much drama so little time..

i will start by finish up my thesis 1st..

c ya..


Sunday, May 13, 2012

just a luahan perasaan on weekend


its already week 12 of my final sem..i didn't finish my fyp, presentation slide and even my thesis..i have to submit everything on week 13..what am i suppose to do when i don't even get my data yet..i admit that i enjoy doing what am i doing right now..doing my project and get the data..lepak with my coursemate at the lab and doing everything together..but as far as i know someone who SUCK steal everything from me..

i wonder how come in an educated place like this it still have that kind a that person have a feeling??NO!! what did he/she will get by destroying our work and worse our life.. that y he stay lonely..people like that can't survive the world..maybe right now he's the dictator but who know what will happen in the future..i pity him for being so full of himself and trap in his small day when he face the real world he will know how small he is..hopefully kalau dia panjang umur la kan..

i just need to be patient for about 1 more week or should i say a few day..cause i don't even feel like i love to go to the lab to continue what i miss.. all thanx to that suck guy..but thanx again for showing us your true self cause that just make us stronger..we can even be a fighter that can hunt u down.


Sunday, May 6, 2012



been bz lately..


wish me luck


Sunday, April 1, 2012

spaghetti & waffle


this is the old pics that were taken from early march..i just feel like they are meaningful to me..


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yellow addiction


i am addicted to yellow recently..when ever i see yellow clothes my heart says that i'm gonna have that..its weird that i suddenly feel that way..i mean LITERALLY..

p/s: i dont own the pics..

so, i will put yellow skirt in my wanted list..

as a reminder..i'm not betraying pink..i just wanted to add more colour to my life


Monday, March 26, 2012

pink gown


i've been stalking gossip girl fashion blog lately..scroll down from i blog to another and this gown really caught my eyes..

guess the price for this dress??

it is Oscar De La Renta gown worth $15 039..try times the price with the malaysian mahal..

that's all dear..


Sunday, March 25, 2012

tired weekend


today is sunday..tomorrow will definitely be monday..yesterday i spent my time accompanying my friend shopped for her party dress.. right..when i heard that word, the first thing that come on my mind was gossip gossip girl, their clothes (dress and tux was fabulous)..not to forget their mask..the party was i need to remind you about their dress?

when i'm not yet 21 i always has my mind set that when i'm 21 i will only shop at nonsense..till today i never buy anything from that store..i plan that i wanted a dress, skirt and palazzo this year..but i end up with 2 dresses..

i can't believe monday already coming..this coming week must be the busiest week of my semester..assignment, presentation and project are enough to keep me busy..i can't wait for june..

*i feel so tired after washing my clothes manually since all the washing machine in my college were gone..need to rest for a while..


Monday, March 19, 2012

test week


today is the 1st day of my week 5 in my final semester..time flied so fast.. and believe it or not i didn't even officially start my fyp yet and i don't have any result at all..being so crazy thinking bout when i wanna so start..but a.s.a.p is not the perfect timing..

i have my 1st test hunting me this week starting from wednesday till i need to focus on my test 1st before thinking bout my project..tomorrow i will be sub-culturing my cell and hopefully that the cell will live happily till next week and i can run my project successfully..yeay..pray for me kay..

ok..i need to start study now..


Thursday, March 8, 2012

coyote ugly


i found the link to my fav movie when i was in high school till now..

Coyote Ugly..



Wednesday, February 29, 2012


it's 29 february..isn't it special.. happen once every 4 years..tomorrow the new month come..march...may march brings more luck to us..

so my plan for march
  • study hard for my 1st test..need to score it cause this is my final semester..don't wanna put myself in trouble later..need to stay focus..
  • save as much money as i can..i need it..need to save for after study period especially when i will be hunting for won't be free..
  • stop shopping spree mis cause you have more than enough clothes and etc..


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saya Dah Guna Voucher Buku..Yeay..

i went to MPH on 14 feb..and seriously xtau nak beli apa..lama gak la dok melepak2 dalam 2..then i end up buying

mostly the novel was chosen by Gemoki Chan..Sah jiwang mamat nie..i wanted to buy english novel actually..but i dont think that it is worth compare to big bad wolf..hehe..

pen and shaker from my favourite brand..gonna borong pen banyak2 lagi nanti..

 my receipt..the workers tell me that i need to go on mph again this weekend to claim my rm 5 voucher..hehe..
close up..i need to add rm1.80 cash for friends said better beli lebih than kurang cause if kurang they wont be giving u the balance..


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


this song was dedicated by Gemoki Chan 2 me yesterday..

love u 2 dear..


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love DaY..

today is 14 feb 2012..i didnt celebrate Valentine's day..i celebrated my anniversary with Gemoki's our third anniversary and hope that our relationship will last forever..

this is just a quick update cause i'm currently reading a malay novel which i can't help myself from stop reading..hehe..ciao..


Sunday, February 12, 2012

plain february


i'm at UPM now!! wee!!...well after i lepak about 1 week at home and now i'm back..i can't say now cause i'm here since thursday..hehe..

i'm definitely miss my home, my parents and shonet so much..wish that i can fly back to my home everyday..ok now i need to be patient..lagi 5 bulan je..then i can stay in penang like forever...yeay..

its my plans for february are:

  • be more ME than being what somebody wants me to be
  • save more money 
  • limit my shopping
  • get updated with old buddies
  • control my anger
a piece of advice to somebody who dont like me or kind a think that i'm suck: i dont care bout what u think..i only care bout what my family, BFFs and BF think bout me.. u're nothing in my life..even my cat is more important than u..and i DONT NEED U..


Monday, January 30, 2012

Evanescence's New Song..



Sunday, January 29, 2012



Na ah..

my new chopping board..

new room= new key

tea from cameron..thanx zaem..


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Dear Virgo all over the entire world..

Get involved in a new project. It's time to put the thinking aside -- start doing.

Note for MIS:
  • Get involve besides from watching 
  • try new recipe
  • more pics for remembrance


Friday, January 20, 2012

year of the DRAGON..


its morning and raining..

i've been lepaking in my room sambil layan video at youtube of Gemersik Kalbu and Hannah Montana..quite boring..everybody who live here has been busy packaging their stuff and majority had balik rumah for mid term holiday..i pathetically have to stay here for my FYP..i miss being home for raya cina..i still remember when i was young (not that i'm OLD right now, i mean when i was in primary school), my friends and i loved to follow the lori 'naga' or 'singa' that will perform their dance at someone's my village there is malay location and chinese we dengan gigihnya kejar lori 2 eventhough terasa sangat takut if terjumpa anjing..the best part is when they bakar loud plus u can see the lion..sangat best..

 honestly i love lion dance more than dragon..hehehe..usually i watch the lion dance at the mall more going after their the part when the dancers through away or give the orange to people who watch them..its not like i'm the orange lover but i just feel very happy when i receive that orange..

it's the year of DRAGON..the zodiac which i was according to Chinese calender, i'm 25 this year.. quarter than 100..owhh..i'm totally old.. AWESOME...hehehehe...i love the dragon mascot created by cute..

i've finish my january goal which was done my best for my final i need to set a new goal..

survive staying in the college during the mid term holiday and save more money...


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New YeaR


Well, its already 3rd Jan 2012 and i hope i'm not too late to wish Happy New Year..

Currently doing : Study 4 my Final not cool..

So, here are my 2012 plans:

  • Goal for January
    • Score for my final exam, hence upgrade my CGPA.. wish me luck!!! i'm gonna needs lots of luck 4 this..i'm not a focus type girl..i always plan for something and i failed to fulfill my i need to make a short term plan that i can try to do immediately 

  • Exercise more
    • i'm gonna be 24 this i need to work up more..need to start take care of my health seriously..(Gemoki Chan..Jom g jogs)..i went to Daiso last week and bought a skipping..need to jump more..hehe..and drink lots of plain water..

  • Search for more positive things and love others
    • hoping that i will involve more than watching..i wanna do something instead of watching..i dunno how to describe this..hehe..and i need to spend lots of times with my loves..

  • Enjoy
    • need to be very grateful and enjoy every single things..