Saturday, December 17, 2011



i'm currently lepaking on my bed in my room online and having my nestum..feel so bored..i'm supposed to be at Alamanda right now waiting to go inside the cinema..but because Gemoki Chan had stomach ache we need to postpone the plan..hopefully i can watch CHIPMUNK tomorrow..

let me share with u guys website that i love to surf when i'm online..

1. Air Asia..
love to check for the promotion there..but dont forget to compare their price with MAS..

2. Groupon
they have lots of hotel discount (oversea) makes me wanna fly away and runaway from my current life..terasa nak pergi holiday sangat2 sebab dah bosan pergi class, balik dari class, exam, wat assignment

i only have 1 week of class for this semester..i should be happy..but my final exam and FYP are waiting for me..and they're not kind enough to let me enjoy my holiday..

Place that i really wanted to go ASAP:

Bukit Tinggi
Bukit Tinggi, Pahang..never go to this place before..but fall in love with it when i saw my sis photo beautiful..when u're there its like u're no longer in me..

Sabah..i miss the beautiful places and seafood..especially Semporna..Gemoki Chan..Jom g sabah..

Kuching. last time i went to Kuching was on 2009..2 years ago..miss the mee kolok there..


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