Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to survive a boring weekend??


love this song but not the video clip...

i have 3 days cuti..but i spent my cuti in my room..sound boring right..its because Gemoki Chan wasn't here..*blaming him 4 that* but at the same time i'm grateful for that cause i'm kind a broke right now (especially after repairing Oren)..


  • woke up at noon
  • made presentation slide
  • ordered domino pizza
  • lunch at Zati's room
  • continue made the slide
  • dinner(bought nasi lemak from mak cik pon2)
  • online
  • watched movie


  • woke up
  • breakfast (bread given by Zati)
  • watched movie
  • lunch
  • continue to watch movie
  • online
  • dinner (NY chicken 1901)
  • online n movie
  • will be having BBQ more boring day....


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