Monday, November 28, 2011



currently listening to: THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY..a sad song..i dont wanna be melodramatic in this evening but suddenly this song is played on RED.FM...enjoy the video clip cause it's very touching..

1st of all my uncle passed away on last's actually scary to wake up in early morning when i received a phone call from my mum or my aunty saying that someone passed away..first thing come out in my mind when i received that call is MY DAD!!!! but up till now it is not my dad and i'm so grateful..i dont get the opportunity to go to my uncle's home cause i have test on that day.i feel pity to my cousin cause she had exam on that day(SPM), Alfatihah for my late uncle..

i still have 2 papers(test) on this wednesday and friday..then i have TOCIE( communication in english test which all the final year student in UPM have to sit for it) on saturday..quite upset with the date..cause on the next day is my cousin wedding day (in Raub) which will cause me to rushing like orang gila..hate that thing..

i need a reason to be ME again and get out of this pathetic life..need to get out of "the good girl life" cause it is so boring..i tried and i failed..i need a reason to stay boring..


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