Thursday, October 27, 2011

my cuti

yup..i've been relaxing at home right let me review back what i did during my deepavali holiday..

Friday-ride bus from KL-Png..that bus was suppose to depart at 9pm but it end up departed at 10 something..What The Fish..ingat aku nie free giler ke nak melepak kat Pudu tue folks, tok balik kg sila la amek bus plusliner kat Stesyen always departs ON TIME..fuh..trasa cam promote bus tue lak..the disanvantage of this bas is mahal 20sen..others from KL-Png or vice versa 35 je..but Plusliner 35.20..and bas lain selalunya 3 seats per row which is so comfortable but this bus have 4 seats per xbapa nak selesa la..but the best thing is it is easier for me to grab on a train to go back to Serdang..

i arrived in Png at almost 4 am..fetched by my friend's dad who sent me to Miza's home.i overnight there since my home is so far far away...xla jauh mana pun..30 minutes je..

Saturday-i was suppose to be at home but i end up staying at Miza's house the whole day..she had fever so she cant send us (Nana n me) home..she cooked nasi goreng for us (lunch)..for dinner we ordered Domino..

Sunday- Home at last..yeay..but otw home we stopped by at Subway Sunshine for breakfast..then, i just spent my lazy time at home..sleeping..played with my cats..lepak at kedai laksa..

Monday-I had an appointment with my dentist today..i went there with Nana..before going to the hospital, we went to Gurney Plaza first where we had our lunch at Seoul Garden..we were so tamak and we couldnt finish the food..Nana sorok the unfinished food in the soup jar..then we ran away..hehehe..then i went to see my dentist..he gave me a small plastic full with round rubber which i have to wear it at night..after the appointment we went to Queensbay for shopping..i bought 2 batwing cardigan and 2 tshirt..

Tuesday-Lepak at home the whole day..spend my precious time reading novel-everyone worth knowing-..finished reading already..yeay..

Wednesday-hangout with Rina at QB..lunched at Kenny Rogers..then we went to Jusco to buy a wedding present for our high school friend, Fatin, who's getting married tomorrow night(akad nikah) then her kenduri will be on this Saturday..

Thursday-went to Kongsi (the town in my daerah) to potong rambut..hehe..i wanted to go to Sg Nibong to buy a bus ticket to return to KL..tapi macam nak hujan i just balik rumah and lepak2 sampai sekarang..

i think that i cant stay in Penang for a long time during my holiday..i just know how to finish my money well here..just see how many times that i went to an expensive restaurant within 1 week..


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