Sunday, October 16, 2011

big bad wolf


today is the last day of the big bad wolf books sale..sad isn't it..i only manage to go there yesterday..and i went there again today..hehe...

its been a long time since i bought my last novel which i cant hardly remember when and the title..i'm not a book maniac but i do collect manga..

big bad wolf books sale is SUPER BAD (cool giler) caused me RM61 for eight books..i was very excited when i stepped into the hall..i even followed other people taking a box to put on the books..i thought that i would spend less then 50 since i dont have any particular WANTED books listed in my head.. 

so here are the book that i bought yesterday..i am currently reading a romantic thriller novel..i love the main characters..hehe..

today i didnt bought anything since i already have what i want..hehe..except for pretty littler liar book that i bought for zati..


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