Sunday, October 30, 2011

BFF wedding..


yesterday was my friend's wedding day..i went to her house with Rina and we arrived there at the right time..right time means that the bride and groom were already there and we terus can melantak..we salam2 first with Fatin's parents..i think that i never saw her mom before but  i recognized her dad..we greet her for a while and she was eating at that time..she was supposed to duduk and makan sopan2 serta malu2 but she bangun from her seat and sembang2 with tetamu..hehehehe..

then we went to the table full with lauk2 kenduri..while walking towards that tent i saw Afza's mum excitedly waving at me..Dalam hati i said,"wah..mak dia kenal aku...hehehehe"..we salam2 first and then i terus amek nasi..lapar..that time was 2pm and i hadnt have my lunch yet..Afza's parent balik when i makan2..

after makan, we search for Fatin just to meet her, congrats her and of course snap a few pic is necessary..owh.. i forgot to mentioned that Rina dengan gagahnya mengangkat hadiah that we bought for pengantin from her car to the table that full with solute her to afford carrying  that hadiah coz it is super heavy..hehe..

so here are a few pictures that i manage to snap/ask people to snap it for me..i cant stay long at the wedding coz cuaca tidak mengizinkan..its mendung so we balik awal..once again congrats to FATIN FARHANA HAZENAN..and thnx so much to RINA RAMLI for fetching and sent me ya..AFZA AND ELLA, both of you WAJIB datang to my wedding nnt tau..chewah..macam i dah nak kawen lak...hehehe..i mean in the future k..