Sunday, October 30, 2011

BFF wedding..


yesterday was my friend's wedding day..i went to her house with Rina and we arrived there at the right time..right time means that the bride and groom were already there and we terus can melantak..we salam2 first with Fatin's parents..i think that i never saw her mom before but  i recognized her dad..we greet her for a while and she was eating at that time..she was supposed to duduk and makan sopan2 serta malu2 but she bangun from her seat and sembang2 with tetamu..hehehehe..

then we went to the table full with lauk2 kenduri..while walking towards that tent i saw Afza's mum excitedly waving at me..Dalam hati i said,"wah..mak dia kenal aku...hehehehe"..we salam2 first and then i terus amek nasi..lapar..that time was 2pm and i hadnt have my lunch yet..Afza's parent balik when i makan2..

after makan, we search for Fatin just to meet her, congrats her and of course snap a few pic is necessary..owh.. i forgot to mentioned that Rina dengan gagahnya mengangkat hadiah that we bought for pengantin from her car to the table that full with solute her to afford carrying  that hadiah coz it is super heavy..hehe..

so here are a few pictures that i manage to snap/ask people to snap it for me..i cant stay long at the wedding coz cuaca tidak mengizinkan..its mendung so we balik awal..once again congrats to FATIN FARHANA HAZENAN..and thnx so much to RINA RAMLI for fetching and sent me ya..AFZA AND ELLA, both of you WAJIB datang to my wedding nnt tau..chewah..macam i dah nak kawen lak...hehehe..i mean in the future k..


Friday, October 28, 2011

TGI Friday..wish i can say that..


It’s raining cat and dog at my home..i don’t even know y people called it cat and dog..what does that rain have to do with cat and dog..who cares!!! It still deepavali brother-in-law said that TIME DEEPAVALI MESTI HUJAN!!!TAK PERNAH TAK HUJAN..well, I’ve never realize that before but I do realize it this year..everyday mesti’s not like raining 24-7 but every petang mesti hujan so if you don’t have a car,a piece of advice is balik la rumah before petang ketika keluar berfoya-foya…

Sitting in front of my lappy with nothing to do is quite’s more like I’m having my tea time alone..i should be eating maruku now but I’m eating kuih Loyang instead. My mum ordered a kuih Loyang 1 tin biskut..sangat banyak..i dunno how am I suppose to carry that tin with me back to Serdang.. so,I makan that kuih now..hehe

I woke up early this morning cause I need to go to Sg Nibong yo buy the bus ticket. Guess what??there’s only 2 seats left for the bus that I wanna ride..i just bought the last ticket..lucky me or else I need to change my departure time..but unlucky me I got the back seat with me in will be sitting in the middle where there will be no other seat in front of note here is, I need to wear a seat belt so that when the bus break I wont be falling to the front..

I went to the kedai handphone where I bought a battery and battery charger for my old is the hp that I use when I was in F5..bout 6 years still sihat but I cannat charge it..thats why I bough the battery charger..i charge the new battery and it is working I don’t have to waste my money buying a new hp for my celcom number..

the battery charger that i bought

my old HP..

I’m staring at Koko right now..he’s one of my proper word he’s a kitten..i don’t know why he love to play in my room and more specific on my bed..i throw him like 5x..not throw him away but I throw him off my bed..but he’s so x serik2..xpham betul..

Lets forget bout him for awhile coz after this I’m going to throw him downstairs.. tonight is my best friend’s akad nikah..sadly I cannot go to that majlis due to her house is located at mainland while mine in the island..the distant is quite far and I can afford to hangout at night and come home late(ALASAN)..duhh…but I will be going to her kenduri is my first BFF wedding(I mean the girl from SGGS), who’s next???cant wait for tomorrow..


Thursday, October 27, 2011

my cuti

yup..i've been relaxing at home right let me review back what i did during my deepavali holiday..

Friday-ride bus from KL-Png..that bus was suppose to depart at 9pm but it end up departed at 10 something..What The Fish..ingat aku nie free giler ke nak melepak kat Pudu tue folks, tok balik kg sila la amek bus plusliner kat Stesyen always departs ON TIME..fuh..trasa cam promote bus tue lak..the disanvantage of this bas is mahal 20sen..others from KL-Png or vice versa 35 je..but Plusliner 35.20..and bas lain selalunya 3 seats per row which is so comfortable but this bus have 4 seats per xbapa nak selesa la..but the best thing is it is easier for me to grab on a train to go back to Serdang..

i arrived in Png at almost 4 am..fetched by my friend's dad who sent me to Miza's home.i overnight there since my home is so far far away...xla jauh mana pun..30 minutes je..

Saturday-i was suppose to be at home but i end up staying at Miza's house the whole day..she had fever so she cant send us (Nana n me) home..she cooked nasi goreng for us (lunch)..for dinner we ordered Domino..

Sunday- Home at last..yeay..but otw home we stopped by at Subway Sunshine for breakfast..then, i just spent my lazy time at home..sleeping..played with my cats..lepak at kedai laksa..

Monday-I had an appointment with my dentist today..i went there with Nana..before going to the hospital, we went to Gurney Plaza first where we had our lunch at Seoul Garden..we were so tamak and we couldnt finish the food..Nana sorok the unfinished food in the soup jar..then we ran away..hehehe..then i went to see my dentist..he gave me a small plastic full with round rubber which i have to wear it at night..after the appointment we went to Queensbay for shopping..i bought 2 batwing cardigan and 2 tshirt..

Tuesday-Lepak at home the whole day..spend my precious time reading novel-everyone worth knowing-..finished reading already..yeay..

Wednesday-hangout with Rina at QB..lunched at Kenny Rogers..then we went to Jusco to buy a wedding present for our high school friend, Fatin, who's getting married tomorrow night(akad nikah) then her kenduri will be on this Saturday..

Thursday-went to Kongsi (the town in my daerah) to potong rambut..hehe..i wanted to go to Sg Nibong to buy a bus ticket to return to KL..tapi macam nak hujan i just balik rumah and lepak2 sampai sekarang..

i think that i cant stay in Penang for a long time during my holiday..i just know how to finish my money well here..just see how many times that i went to an expensive restaurant within 1 week..


Sunday, October 16, 2011

big bad wolf


today is the last day of the big bad wolf books sale..sad isn't it..i only manage to go there yesterday..and i went there again today..hehe...

its been a long time since i bought my last novel which i cant hardly remember when and the title..i'm not a book maniac but i do collect manga..

big bad wolf books sale is SUPER BAD (cool giler) caused me RM61 for eight books..i was very excited when i stepped into the hall..i even followed other people taking a box to put on the books..i thought that i would spend less then 50 since i dont have any particular WANTED books listed in my head.. 

so here are the book that i bought yesterday..i am currently reading a romantic thriller novel..i love the main characters..hehe..

today i didnt bought anything since i already have what i want..hehe..except for pretty littler liar book that i bought for zati..


what i did last weekend


i've been busy the whole week..i had 3 tests last week..i dun have time to get my blog updated due to that and of coz it was mainly coz by my laziness...yeay..

so on a cloudy last last saturday evening, when i was indulging myself in my room i heard an announcement made by the college staff saying that they will do fogging at was a disturbance..i wanted my resting day(which only 2 days due to i have class on friday) i asked my friend either she wanted to run away from college or not..i dun wanna be stuck in my room during fogging..the smell i packed all my stuff (baju, pillow, mr gemok and etc) into my locker then i rannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn............

we just went to bukit expo and snapped pics..

there's a lot of pics actually but i dun think that i should upload all of that here..


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can U keep a SECRET??


Sunday, October 2, 2011

My New Sweetheart