Thursday, September 1, 2011



its already september..i really2 love September coz it is my birthday month..yeay..

its not that i'm happy getting older day by day..but i love to celebrate my birthday..i still remember when i was in the primary school my mum always make a birthday party for me..i invited my friends to my home for my birthday celebration..if she didnt make a birthday party to me she will pack a few of kueh and cake into a plastic bag and i brought them to my sekolah agama and gave to my friends and ustazah..what i really love bout birthday party is people will give me HADIAH..getting birthday presents from my friends during kids was the happiest moment ever..eventhough the present that i get was a normal thing that we can find at kedai runcit but seeing that present wrapped in the pembalut hadiah was amazing..hehe...u must know how i feel right??if not then there's something wrong with u..

30 Aug..

2 days ago was HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI..and i didnt get the opportunity to wish it to u guys today i wanted to wish..


this year raya celebration was different from before..i woke up very early in the morning cause my mum called me (she usually call me to wake me up.. )..her voice was unclear but she seems like screaming..when she does that i only think of 1 thing..somebody passed away..but who??i just throw away my phone and i run down the stairs and asked her what happened..she cried and said that my ayah long (uncle) passed away..then i saw my dad's sad face..he was closed with my parents..he was sick for a few years actually but i never thought that he will be gone during hari raya..the day where muslims will be happy celebrating after a month of fasting..

we cant go back to kampung to visit coz we dont have transport and my mum cannot afford to ride on the bus since her kaki bengkak..i check for fight ticket..but i cant afford it..png-kl for RM300..i would defenitely say GILA and NO WAY i'm going to buy that..

so, al-fatihah for my late uncle..

then coz of the sadness my mum xmasak..we had lunch at my 2nd sis's home and for dinner my mum panaskan lauk semalam..

31 Aug

i totally forgot bout merdeka until that night i heard noises coming from the road in front of my home..almost 100 of motorcycles having a convoy for merdeka celebration..1st i was kind a mad for the noises that they make..then when i heard they shouted merdeka i was shoked..and the i remember -owhh..merdeka upanya.. the excitement of hari raya made me forget bout dad was very excited bout merdeka since he alive before merdeka and know the suffer before merdeka..he already kibarkan bendera early august..

so for 2nd syawal i went to my friends home(my primary school friends)..we didnt meet each other for a long time (mostly..not all) we have a lot of things to catch up and know each other's new life better..i was fun to finally see how ur friends grow up and being them now..and the best part is when we chit chat bout the things that happened when we're small..hehe


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