Sunday, September 18, 2011

my weekend..


i've been bz this weekend due to my bff wedding..alhamdulillah..everything went well..btw..congratz to Nua and his wife..

his akad nikah was on last friday and wedding day on his wife house was last saturday..thnx 4 everything i mean by jemput and hantar me back to upm..hehehe..

end of the wedding day..i dont have my pic here..huhu..this was his fmily photo..i think that my pics was in zaem's camera..babe..give me that pics..i rasa my pic with others lagi banyak compare to my pic with pengantin..hehe..

so today is sunday..i went to alamanda..
i realize 1 thing..which is:

i'm a great buyer not a great user..

i have to admit that i love to buy things especially clothes..but this week i didnt buy any clothes..yeay me..but instead of buying a new cloth i did bought myself a shower gel, lip roll and wallet(TL)..hehehe..

here are the pics of my new body shop shower gel and lip roll..i bought them and i get 1 free vitamin e cream..

come to think about it, i have another 1 and the half pack of Lux refill shower gel..

while for the lip roll, i have: 
  • 1 lip ice
  • 1 lipstick (silky girl)
  • 1 lip gloss (elianto)
and right now i'm thinking bout buying a new perfume eventhough i have lots of them right now..i need to control myself..


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