Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my feeling


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i hate the feeling when i want something but i cant make the decision..its like u're want it but at the same time i u dont need it..it is confusing..and u keep on thinking bout it..but it is not a big deal..

i hate my class schedule..it's pack on monday and wednesday..it is super pack..but i only have 1 class on tuesday and thursday on the afternoon..i prefer to have class on morning so that after that class i can go out or sambung tido..i also have class on friday pagi petang..sigh..

i miss shopping and penang..i love shopping when i'm tension or when i'm bored..right now all i can do is window shop since i already made a monthly limit for me..a rule is a rule..i xsabar giler nak tunggu october..i prefer to be at home right now where i can be malas all the time..

at home:

  • food are prepared all the time..u dont even have to mandi, bersiap and etc to cari makan...
  • my cats are there to teman me all the times..
  • i can go out where ever i want anytime..
  • my parents love me..
  • i can do what i wanna do w/o people judging me..

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