Monday, September 12, 2011

new sem


this week is the 1st week of my class..and today is the 1st, im back to my old student lifestyle..honestly, i'm not ready to attend any classes yet..but i did go to the class..

hello!!i'm still in the holiday mood..

still homesick..i miss my baby so much (all of them especially teh)

i dont actually like my is located near to the bilik tv and next to the i can here all the noises that people make and footstep when people walk on the stairs..1st day was a disaster..i cant sleep well..but last night was better..i went to the office and ask for tukar bilik but the pengurus here wasnt really mesra alam..and quite kerek i think..come on..there's a few empty room left..why not giving that room to me..just wishing all the bad things will occur to him..padan muka..

back on last saturday, i hanged out with my bff..we ate ate flaming steamboat..i didnt snap any pics there since i'm so bz makan..but i think that zaem manage to snap few pics..will ask for that pic from him later..

here are the pics that i manage to snap after we had our dinner..we went to sunway pyramid..

in front of sunway hotel

the gajah..

love this car

its the first time i saw ice hockey alive..believe me it was fun to see them slide on the ice and the langgar the wall..hehe


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