Friday, September 2, 2011

Cleo September


Last night I went to the clinic to do check up for my mum’s leg..not d x-ray..just jumpa dr and check..when I’m bored lepaking inside the clinic I went to the stationary store and bought a magazine. Which is


The cover girl is Katy Perry…

I read that magazine since yesterday..the things that really caught my interest was –Be A Millionaire When U’re Retired-

Isn’t it cool to be a millionaire..where u have lots of money and u can buy stuffs that u want..but not all of us were lucky to be born as a millionaire..but luckily cleo gave us tips on how to be a millionaire..the best way ever is by quite difficult to make but worth it..

To know the tips in detail you need to buy ur own cleo..or u can borrow from me later..hehehe

There were also lots of clothes in cleo that I adore..

The 1st one is the cardigan by gossip..isnt she a beauty??u can match it with cute blouse and even a simple tshirt..

The 2nd one is the red dress..i don’t actually refer to the dress the model wore..but I love the way they name the fashion as little red riding hood..thinking bout little red ridding hood we automatically will think bout red, I need to put it on my wishlist also..i can wear it casually; not just wear it to a dinner..

Besides red riding hood dress, has u ever thought how beautiful disney’s princess’s dresses are???letme put a few pic for u guys to adore in case u forget bout their dress..hehe..

their dresses are beautiful right.. and i feel like i wanted to go to disneyland right now..if only i have 'pintu doraemon' kan best??



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