Sunday, August 7, 2011

when BUTTER FLY away to the FARM (Part III)

dear, dah seminggu puasa so there's another 23 days left for fasting.. and another 1 month and a few days left for semester break..then i need to go back to my old boring life attending classes, having test and exam, and start my FYP..OMG..can u believe it..

i'm a final year student who will do my fyp soon!!!


so back to the topic b4 i melalut-lalut ntah apa2..i actually wanted to upload pics lagi..hehehe..the old pics but the different i will upload the pics of flora and fauna..and i trasa cam i nature lover tetiba..hehe..

lets start with FAUNA..

can u see the big iguana???

tortoise - tortoise are everywhere...

itik2 pun pandai maen bola??

R U sleeping Mr. Itik???

it stings!!!

i smell something fishy here...hurmm...


p/s:Gemoki-Chan: pandai x i amek gmbar???hehehehehe...

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