Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie Review: Sleepover


back to 2004, i bought a vcd Sleepover during my fly(aka lari from hostel) to Midland..i do that mostly every Friday after school with my BFF..then i just dont know where the cd gone..last week i downloaded the movie and watched it today..its a nice girlie movie..if u love girlie movie like shopaholic and devil wears prada i bet u gonna love this movie also..

mainly this movie was about 4 girls having a sleepover during the end of their junior high school day..but then they were kind a force to join the scavenger hunt against the popular girls at their school..they bet that the loser will have lunch next to the dustbin at their new school..

for more info u can click here..

what i love about the movie???

  • their they cooperate to win against the hot girl
  • the cute car..which is the solar car..its adorable..
  • the cute guy..i mean the hero..not the other

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