Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its 004; NOT 007 k..


i recently check my next sem address.. i got room 004..located at ground floor me!!

after 2 times i called the college at last i have my own room..actually i checked for it since about 2 month before of maybe less than that..when all my friends were like hu ha hu ha talking bout which room that they get i excitedly check on smp also but it was written there LUAR KAMPUS..i said WTH!!!!

so after zati and uvuli-chan advised me berkali2 at last i called them..yea..i called college before i went back to my kampung and she said -try 2 call 2 weeks from now..

then..i called again..this time she said that -ala..akak yg uruskan bilik cuti sebulan la adik..minggu depan baru dia balik..


-bahagia toi org yang kerja kat universiti nie..boleh cuti lama2...-this is what i have in my mind..

so, what so ever i got my room..that's matter..