Sunday, August 28, 2011

almost end of puasa..


i've been busy lately..sort of busy menghabiskan duet..yeay!!!!

so let me explain in detail how i manage to menghabiskan duet2 i yang mama i bagi..


my sis's family ajak me berbuka puasa @ HOTEL ROYAL..

we ate dinner buffet there..

if youre interested to makan2 at that hotel click at this link..

the food are sedap..mostly all..each lauk memang terasa cukup everything..but for the deserts i think it just so-so..i'm not a big fan of the deserts..but desert2 dia memang u feel like u nak angkut semua..hehehehe...

i went to giant..borong stuff for my mums n of course for me also..senang cakap stuff2 tok hari raya such as a&w root beer, vanilla coke, conflakes and butter for madu conflakes and etc..

then petang lak i went to bukit jambul mall to teman ima membeli baju raya..i bought myself a shawl yang murah..only rm5..i memang xpernah beli shawl yg mahal2..hehehe..


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