Sunday, August 28, 2011

almost end of puasa..


i've been busy lately..sort of busy menghabiskan duet..yeay!!!!

so let me explain in detail how i manage to menghabiskan duet2 i yang mama i bagi..


my sis's family ajak me berbuka puasa @ HOTEL ROYAL..

we ate dinner buffet there..

if youre interested to makan2 at that hotel click at this link..

the food are sedap..mostly all..each lauk memang terasa cukup everything..but for the deserts i think it just so-so..i'm not a big fan of the deserts..but desert2 dia memang u feel like u nak angkut semua..hehehehe...

i went to giant..borong stuff for my mums n of course for me also..senang cakap stuff2 tok hari raya such as a&w root beer, vanilla coke, conflakes and butter for madu conflakes and etc..

then petang lak i went to bukit jambul mall to teman ima membeli baju raya..i bought myself a shawl yang murah..only rm5..i memang xpernah beli shawl yg mahal2..hehehe..


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie Review: Sleepover


back to 2004, i bought a vcd Sleepover during my fly(aka lari from hostel) to Midland..i do that mostly every Friday after school with my BFF..then i just dont know where the cd gone..last week i downloaded the movie and watched it today..its a nice girlie movie..if u love girlie movie like shopaholic and devil wears prada i bet u gonna love this movie also..

mainly this movie was about 4 girls having a sleepover during the end of their junior high school day..but then they were kind a force to join the scavenger hunt against the popular girls at their school..they bet that the loser will have lunch next to the dustbin at their new school..

for more info u can click here..

what i love about the movie???

  • their they cooperate to win against the hot girl
  • the cute car..which is the solar car..its adorable..
  • the cute guy..i mean the hero..not the other

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quote of the day..

Revenge is always sweet..


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its 004; NOT 007 k..


i recently check my next sem address.. i got room 004..located at ground floor me!!

after 2 times i called the college at last i have my own room..actually i checked for it since about 2 month before of maybe less than that..when all my friends were like hu ha hu ha talking bout which room that they get i excitedly check on smp also but it was written there LUAR KAMPUS..i said WTH!!!!

so after zati and uvuli-chan advised me berkali2 at last i called them..yea..i called college before i went back to my kampung and she said -try 2 call 2 weeks from now..

then..i called again..this time she said that -ala..akak yg uruskan bilik cuti sebulan la adik..minggu depan baru dia balik..


-bahagia toi org yang kerja kat universiti nie..boleh cuti lama2...-this is what i have in my mind..

so, what so ever i got my room..that's matter..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



i currently:
  • lepaking at home..taking a good care of my cats..
  • watching star wars (currently watching d no.5)..
  • updating the churp2 ads on my blog..guys, don't forget to click on the ads k.. really appreciate that..
  • rereading my manga..
so, a piece of advise during ramadhan is patient..and don't forget to


Sunday, August 7, 2011

when BUTTER FLY away to the FARM (Part III)

dear, dah seminggu puasa so there's another 23 days left for fasting.. and another 1 month and a few days left for semester break..then i need to go back to my old boring life attending classes, having test and exam, and start my FYP..OMG..can u believe it..

i'm a final year student who will do my fyp soon!!!


so back to the topic b4 i melalut-lalut ntah apa2..i actually wanted to upload pics lagi..hehehe..the old pics but the different i will upload the pics of flora and fauna..and i trasa cam i nature lover tetiba..hehe..

lets start with FAUNA..

can u see the big iguana???

tortoise - tortoise are everywhere...

itik2 pun pandai maen bola??

R U sleeping Mr. Itik???

it stings!!!

i smell something fishy here...hurmm...


p/s:Gemoki-Chan: pandai x i amek gmbar???hehehehehe...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

when BUTTER FLY away to the FARM (Part II)

1st off all i wanna wish selamat berbuka to all muslims..its already the 4th day of Ramadhan..and my baju raya pun dah siap..hehehe..thanx to my mama 4 paying tok that baju..hehehe..
as promise, i will uploaded more pictures from my last visit to the butterfly farm..all nature lovers, you should go there cause the farm is beautiful..but if u're not a nature lover, just go..u will not regret it..
..besides, there's nothing to loss either..
today i only cam manage to upload the pics of other pics to upload also..just wait for another post k..