Tuesday, July 12, 2011

newest family members

location:my home..
currently listening 2:All you wanted
task: need to start doing my LI report
planning: shopping and watch harry potter

here are my new sweethearts..3 of them was born last month..

this is lily with her sons..teeh and moih..moih name was not kind a permanent..sometimes my dad called him comot then suddenly changed to montel..haih...moih was the 1st lily's son..they were both being born in a box in the living room..

this is the naughtiest member of the family..born in my dad's old room by mektam(aka my neighbour's cat who right now lepaking at my home)..his name is shonet..he was first named as yot but that name wont suit him well..his hobby is NGANGA*apakah*....his sibling died dimakan bapa kucing..he's the only 1 who's survive(terasa cam citer harry potter lak..tibai je la)..besides nganga he also like to belasah teeh and moih(nak tunjuk besaq kepala la 2)..base on the pic kehitaman shonet amat terserlah..hehehehe..



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