Friday, July 29, 2011

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Location :PISA

Event: PC Fair

i bought myself a compact camera..a pink Canon Digital Ixus 115 HS worth RM750 + a screen protector(RM 30) at PISA today..i always wanted a camera since i started my degree 2 years ago but i just keep on surveying..until recently i thought that i really2 need 1 due to my hp camera yg xbrapa ok and next sem is my final year... where i will be doing my fyp so i need a cam to snap some pictures..

plus i hate to borrow something from someone and i dont really like people borrowing my items also..I NEVER LEARN THE WORD SHARING since i'm the only child of my parents..

i choose this camera cause my budget is below 1k..cant afford for something more than that..i alsa search at the internet which type of camera is better..i love to compare with nikon cause nikon is more cheaper than canon.. but due to the user respond on the internet the best camera for

compact camera: canon


click HERE for more detail bout this camera..


  1. agree with u!. ak pon gune canon gak,.murah but it really a nice camera. snap pic yg cun2 ye!

  2. Nice choice dear..Mesti nak pink, kan?hahah..:)

  3. wan-2la..dia auto..sng nak guna..hehe..
    ella-time aku nk bli ada 3 color..silver orange n pink..mesti la aku pilih pink..hehehehe