Sunday, July 31, 2011

when BUTTER FLY away to the FARM

Location:Butterfly Farm, Penang..
today i went to the butterfly farm with my parents and nana..nana and
me actually dah lama plan wanna go there but due to certain circumstances (yang ntah apa2) we xpegi2..then i remembered when my mama said
"kalau nak p taman rama2 bagitau la mama..nnt mama bagitau johny..masuk FREE.."
hehehehehehehehe...bertambah gumbira aku mendengar
ayat bila nana balik je penang aku pun ajak dia..
then my mama pun perli
"amboi..mentang2 baru beli kamera terus nak p taman rama2.."
HEKK..trasa gak la..tapi kalau xda kamera pun kamera hp nana pun ok gak..disebabkan aku malas nak menjawab aku pun wat derk je la...
parents aku superb excited giler...awal2 pagi dah suh we all besiap2..trasa cam rombongan kanak2 tadika nak p lawatan..every 5 minutes my dad asks:-
"dah mandi ke belum?"
"nana dah bangun ke blum?"
"dah makan ke blum?"
"dah siap ke belum?"
when we arrived there i excitedly called Johny and asked my dad to speak with him..then he brought us to the special entrance for the free visitors like us...hehehehehe..
so today i only uploaded my pics (i mean ME) in this post..feel free to see forwa
rd for my next continuous post...hehehehe..

the map..

with Mr Taro..

sgt suka pic nie..hehehehe..btw it doesn't mean that i am MEAN k..

Daddy & me..he makes muka buhsan kat dalam 2..and he's the first person keluar excitedly..dia lapa sebenarnya...hehehehe..but nana & i prefer to wat derk cause we were super excited posing sana-sini..hehe..

daddy and mummy..

u can refer at this link for more into bout penang butterfly farm-BUTTERFLY FARM

Friday, July 29, 2011

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Location :PISA

Event: PC Fair

i bought myself a compact camera..a pink Canon Digital Ixus 115 HS worth RM750 + a screen protector(RM 30) at PISA today..i always wanted a camera since i started my degree 2 years ago but i just keep on surveying..until recently i thought that i really2 need 1 due to my hp camera yg xbrapa ok and next sem is my final year... where i will be doing my fyp so i need a cam to snap some pictures..

plus i hate to borrow something from someone and i dont really like people borrowing my items also..I NEVER LEARN THE WORD SHARING since i'm the only child of my parents..

i choose this camera cause my budget is below 1k..cant afford for something more than that..i alsa search at the internet which type of camera is better..i love to compare with nikon cause nikon is more cheaper than canon.. but due to the user respond on the internet the best camera for

compact camera: canon


click HERE for more detail bout this camera..

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bz and bz lagi


Its already monday..i dont think that i have enough time to finish up my internship report that i need to submit b4 29 july..i actually had enough time but due to i nak balik kampung i dont think i in order to make it on the track i need to finish up and submit it b4 i balik kampung..

chaiyok mis...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Edit and edit again

Hello dear...

i made myself a new signature..hehehe..i tried 2 make 1 b4 dis by following some1's blog tapi i edit je pic nie to jadikan my sign..comey x???hehehehehehehe...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

HP and MFM !!!

Location: GSC and Manhattan Fish Market, Queensbay Mall


hehehe..all thanx 2 miza 4 booking tiket for me from last week..citer dia nice..mmg bebaloi la tgk muvie..pikir2 balik cedih gak la coz after this dah xde dah citer harry potter kat cinema..sobsob..

aku just tak puas hati kat part ending citer 2..time 19 years later..yang dlm buku explain super detail tapi tadi time tgk sgt pendek so terasa cam kurang best..huhuhu..

well..u guys have to watch that movie urself and judge it..

different people have different opinion..

then we all g makan kat


so guys...

try 2 answer this question first...

i'll give u the answer later k..hehehehe.. ^_^

well aku jarang gak la makan kat situ tapi pernah la p makan b4 dis..everytime i went there mesti try something new..hehehe..

this is what we had for our lunch today..

so here is the answer for the question above...hehehehe..


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

newest family members

location:my home..
currently listening 2:All you wanted
task: need to start doing my LI report
planning: shopping and watch harry potter

here are my new sweethearts..3 of them was born last month..

this is lily with her sons..teeh and moih..moih name was not kind a permanent..sometimes my dad called him comot then suddenly changed to montel..haih...moih was the 1st lily's son..they were both being born in a box in the living room..

this is the naughtiest member of the family..born in my dad's old room by mektam(aka my neighbour's cat who right now lepaking at my home)..his name is shonet..he was first named as yot but that name wont suit him well..his hobby is NGANGA*apakah*....his sibling died dimakan bapa kucing..he's the only 1 who's survive(terasa cam citer harry potter lak..tibai je la)..besides nganga he also like to belasah teeh and moih(nak tunjuk besaq kepala la 2)..base on the pic kehitaman shonet amat terserlah..hehehehe..