Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stuck with the C

did u realize that i rename my blog???


omg..seems like u dont care bout it..

and i also dont care about u..


what ever..


to who ever that barely know me maybe u dont know or dont realize that i really love the word C..its not that i'm in love with it..but i usually stuck with it..i realize it since high school when i choose my nickname on mIRC..have u ever hear about mIRC??dont tell me no..i will no accept that answer..unless if u are staying in the jungle without the internet then i accept the answer of big N.O...

when i choose my nickname i usually end up with cyclops..i created a lot of email..i dont know why..sometimes i didnt use the already created email cause i dont remember that password..sometime it is because the email is so lame and i wanna create a new one..i cant remember how many email that i already created..but right now i'm stick with cleopatra_coyotee..C again..

i like cleopatra for no reason..its not because i love cleopatra hairstyle..btw do u ever know cleopatra??if u dont know her u just need to google bout her..i'm not rajin to elaborate bout her right now..but i can show u guys her hairstyle..

coyotee comes from the movie that i watched..Coyote Ugly..have u ever watch is a must watch movie..u can read the synopsis here.. it is a great movie that will help u to wake up from ur failure or sadness..and i end up have double E at my email add due to spelling error..hehehe..then i decided to rename my blog..hehehe..


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