Sunday, May 15, 2011

my day??


my bb(broadband is back)..i already paid my last 2 months bill and i didnt pay the last month bill yet..hehehe..but what's important here is i can online from home...

let me review back my last week activities..

i'm doing my internship (latihan industri or praktikal) at School of Biology, USM..people keep on asking me why i choose USM..a simple answer is enough for that is because of the located not really near to my is about 30 minutes from my house which i think is reasonable for me..i also can save my money cause i don't need to rent a house, i can save my money on food(breakfast and dinner at home)..transportation??? i ride my motorcycle..the fuel cost is cheaper than the bus me!!!

then the lunch cost is cheaper..i dont know why the food price in USM is cheap..on my first internship day i ate at the restaurant near the hockey field..i cost rm 2.20..the next day i ate at a kedai makan located at one college which i dont remember the name and it only cost rm3 and 70cent on water(air sirap la)..kat tempat lain air sirap harga RM1 kot...then on friday i didnt eat at USM..due to the long lunch hour on that day, we went to QB for window shop and lunch..

so let me continue on the task that i need to do on friday..or should i called it a job that was assigned for me??ok in the morning we stayed at the computer lab searching for more information then at 10 am we went to the lab to see a senior, Kak Nik..we were discussing about the info that we search and she also explain her research in detail..detail as enough as we could understand..then other senior came by and told us that they want to teach us on how to use or handle lab equipment..1st of all they teach us on how to use micropippette..then lunch hour..

after lunch we came back to the lab..they thought us on how to read OD(optical density)..then they also ask us to go back home and study more about fermenter/ that the end of friday where i come back home wet(sebab hujan)...

sat and sun..where i can find myself relaxing at home..

i will definitely wanted more cuti..but i have to go kerja lagi tomorrow..luckily that it is cuti on anybody want to hangout with me???i nak tengok fast & furious..



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