Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my cuti after exam


let me update bout all the day after my examination..late updated was due to 'xbayar bil BB i'

selasa malam..

finish my SAK exam(aka komputer) at 10.30 pm..i stayed at the examination hall till the end of the examination time coz i have certain questions that i dont know how to answer them..after finished answering become hyper excited cause i dah habis all exam for semester4..then go back to my room..kemas2 my stuffs and sent them to the store..

i woke up early cause i need to pack all my stuff and kept them..then i went to the office to gave back my room's key..then i rushingly walkinh to the KMR to wait for the bus to go to the KTM Serdang..when i arrived at KMR i saw the bus and the bus jalan2 tinggalkan i..waited..waited and waited lagi..then another bus datang..luckily when i arrive at the KTM the train arrive..ride on the train and the turun at stesen KL..walking rushingly to the bus station..luckily the bus at 10 am didnt departure yet..ride on that bus..arrive at penang about 2 sumting..miza was supposed to fetch me but she end up at the bank(for several reason and for a long time)..then i took bus until balik pulau..

when to sunshine(Bowling)..BJ(buy langsir tok umah miza)..and Miza's sis desided to go to Pulau Aman on the next day..we slept at Miza's home..

wake up early..about 8am we bertolak 2 jety Pulau Aman..we dont know how to go to Pulau Aman..i asked Rina and my dad..the we used GPS..arrive there at 9 sumting..waited for the boat(at 10am)..ride on the boat..arrive there..makan mee udang special..1 mee shared by 4 people...the we jln2 at telaga emas..then lepak2 tunggu bot nak blik mainland(which is at 3pm)..then we decided to go to sg Dua seberang coz nak makan mee udang,,it is due to the unsatisfied taste of mee udang at Pulau Aman..then balik umah...

Sabtu ahad..
stayed at home..

-go to the post office:renew my roadtax..
-go to my grandma house
-go to sunshine(lunch-nazir with fatin)
-go to USM(tgk tempat prktikal)
-go back to post office
-go to balai polis
-go to JPJ

-stayed at home and rest coz on wed i will start my intern..

-aka today..
i woke up early then i get ready to go to the USM..hujan..then i arrived at USM..jalan very jammed..daftar intern..i was assigned under my supervisor's master student..they explained to us(my friend and I) bout their research and the decided that we will do a research..they will give us teh topic..actually they gave the topic just now but i cant today and tomorrow i will spend my time on the computer lab searching for the information about enhancing the lipid in the microalgae..wish me luck..

we makan2 at 1 is very cheap..after lunch we round2 USM..then lepak2 at masjid..then come back to the computer lab(here again)..i duuno what i wanna boring..i wish that my home is next to the USM where i can go back to my home and rest..quite sleepy actually..



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