Sunday, April 10, 2011

weird or unique???


Label..the most big L that everybody kind a LOVE THE MOST..mostly we know love LV, D&G, Marc Jacobs, and etc..

Fashion icon-mostly Hollywood artists..cause most of us cant afford to buy that clothes..hello worth 1k ++..besides them, only rich people can afford it..

people like us cant only afford something cheaper..i will definitely admit that i love Label/Brand..and of coz i only can afford to shop at Mango & Forever 21..maybe like once/twice a year..

i just randomly online last night and i found the pictures during

Grammys 2011

their fashion are weird(in my opinion..i dont know what do u think about that)

nicky minaj..
aku rasa if dia masuk dlm kandang rimau..mesti encik rimau tu confuse..dia nie kawan en rimau ke bukan???

jenna ushkowitz
mcm combination of reben2..nampak pelik n murah..

florence welch..
hebat la angsa2 itu..y smua cam use it the latest trend??

she looks like dia datang from other planet..

i xrasa ada org lain yang akan pakai baju cam 2..

katy perry..
nampak cam angle..tapi perlu ke ada sayap2 tue??

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