Saturday, April 2, 2011


its april already..

-another 2 weeks of classes..

-1 week study week holiday..

-2 weeks of final exam..

i dont know where i should start to write about..lets start with what i did yesterday..

i went to Jln TAR yesterday with my cosmate, Paah..we went out around 9sumting and of course we reached Jln TAR around 10sumtg or 11(cant really remember that..hehe) happened because we took public transportation.. first we met each other at Putra FC then we took the bus to FBMK..then we had to took another bus(Komuter-this bus functions as shuttle bus from upm- komuter Serdang and likewise). when we reached Ktm serdang, we bought a 1 way ticket to Bank Negara..

when we reached at the Bank Negara, both of us were hungry. so we decided to had lunch at Subway..after that we go to SOGO to window shop and brought ourselves straight to Jln shopping2 there..i only bought a kain for baju kurung(bought 2..for me n mama..RM10 each)..dont know bout the quality but its just for fun..of course i know that my mama is not choosy..)

we went 2 Mines after that..i told Paah that at night there is bazaar in front of the house there(suddenly i forget bout that building's name) we decided to wait till night..we tapau our dinner and went to that bazzar around 8.but it still not fully opened yet..then tikah told me that she wanna come to upm to take her jeruk which she ordered from me..


today, i received a call from Zati asking me to fetch her to Marriott because she dont has a transport to go for her interview..luckily i have a moto with me for this weekend..unluckily i dont have extra we were searching for the helmet like crazy and we got it last minutes..

so we went to Marriott is the first time i go to it to the other hotel that i went before(which is not really a lot including E&O, i think that Marriott is the best..) the architecture is great..

p/s:you should try to go there at least 1 time..just go and lepak at the lobby..they won't halau u if u do that..hehe..

their interview start at 11 but each 1 of them(penang, jojo and zati) went to the interview roon at 1..they were nervous and it makes me think what will happen if that is my interview..huhuhu..after the interview session finish, we went to Padang for lunch..the nasi ayam there is delicious..the sambal is sedap but it pedas..hehe

owh..i forgot to mention how near is upm 2 marriott..very2 near..if u cycle maybe it takes sometime to reach there..y dont my faculty do our dinner there.. i think its better to do it there compare to at the club(its not a night club, its a kelab-like for the persatuan..duhh)..i dont mind paying more if it is at the hotel..honestly, the first time i had the annual dinner at the place other than hotel is during my first year of degree..(even my school can afford doing dinner at HOTEL)..come on people..wake up!wake up!..)..and i never heard anybody told me that they had dinner at ...(other than hotel la)..the theme???even high schools have a theme grater than that..



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