Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flaming Steamboat


i went to flaming steamboat today!!!i went there with zaem and tikah to celebrate tikah's birthday..nua cannot join us coz he has someting else that he need 2 do(bagi ceramah)..

we went to Sunway Pyramid at 2 pm.tikah fetched me and zm first then zm drove to sunway..we window shop and i end up buying an umbrella at Daiso(all items at daiso is RM5) and a few stuffs at watson..i would love to remind u guys that saturday is a NO plastics bag day around KL and Selangor..Penang is more HEBAT -everyday NO plastic bag day..hehehehe..

this is our 1st time going to Flaming Steamboat and we kind a lost..then we call the restaurant and they told us their exact location..

location-next to Sinway Pyramid..Below Sun Inn Hotel

operating hour-5pm - 12am

price-25/person(i'm bot sure about the child price)

i already made a reservation yesterday so we dont have 2 be like berebut2 with other people..and i forget to mention it is a buffet restaurant..we went to Flaming Steamboat at 5..we kutip all the seafood 1st and masak is very worth if u eat seafood at the restaurant coz seafood is expensive compare to the other..

me- i love the siput sudu(kupang)

tikah-love the siput panjang(i dun exactly know its name but zaem called it KAYU)

zaem-i think he makan everything and not specifically love anything(hehehe)

we makan2 there for 2 hours..then we all pun balik la...i would love to upload our pics but i dun have a cable that can connect my hp to my lappy/bluetooth device at my lappy/card reader(had 1 but rosak)..huhu..




  1. kot. nak tgk pictures! hehehe

  2. nnt aku dapat card reader aku upload gmba2 itu..hehe