Friday, April 15, 2011

expect the unexpected



just now i went to Biotech3..which is super jauh from bus stop and no body's know where is it except for the student from my faculty..i don't have class today but i went there from price given ceremony for mgm(1 of the subject that i take this semester) lecturer announce that my group won for the best presentation..

i'm very very shock...cause i think that other groups presented better than us..n our presentation kind a boring..other groups used a lot of video in their presentation & there were also certain groups that acted during the presentation..again..i'm shock..i keep on thinking bout the reason that we won..i think that we won because of our content(which is quite lengkap compare to others)& our CEO's great presentation..hehehe..


i'm not sure bout what kind of prize that we get just now..but logically i think that it is money reward..

then another unexpected thing happened today..bib, nisah & i were surveying the supervisor for of final year project(FYP) today we decided to meet Dr. Puad first..he said that if we're under him we will do our research about tissue culture..we're so excited bout that and decided to take him as our supervisor..then, bib & i had to meet Dr.Ho to tell her that we dont wanna take her as our supervisor..bud unluckily she's not in her room so we left a notice (on a piece of paper) in front of her room..



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