Wednesday, April 13, 2011

all bout pics

i baru je siap my adobe pic..i was given an assignment to edit a poster(of a movie)..n i need to edit it by using adobe photoshop..
b4 we citer about it dengan lebih lanjut, i baru je borrowed a wire that connect my phone to my lappy(cause my lappy xde wireless..maklum la..laptop i dah lama..dah nak masuk 4 years..tq lappy for always being sgt sihat sampai i xpenah pun bawa u pegi kedai tok format)..i borrowed it from Roe(if u read this TQ dear)..

so bila dah ble connect this 2 things together, i can upload the pic yang i teringin nak upload but xble..hehe..

this is the pic of the 2 black swan at mines..snap their pic when i went to Mines with Paah last time..its kind a remind me to the poster that i edited..hehehe..

2 ekor angsa tgh berenang2 dengan happynya..

seekor angsa tengah??? (i xtau dia tgh watpe..dia tgh garu2 ke cuci2 wing dia??)

nie lak pic2 yang i snap time teman zati pegi interview kat marriott hotel..time buhsan lepak sorg2 kat lobby i pun snap2 pic..

kat dalam marriott..

kat tepi pintu masuk dia..

pasu bunga(pokok 2 xde bunga pun)

in front..

in front lagi

kat dalam dia yang nice

nie lak pics time i makan2 at Flaming Steamboat..actually xbnyk pic pun cause we concentrated more on makan2..hehehe..(of cause i need to eat a lot..i bayar mahal tau)..

i wanna focus on that STAR(we called it starfish), the sotong kurita and the long2 siput(which Zaem called KAYU)

Zaem lapa giler til he cant wait for the steamboat..

our periuk that contained 2 types of soup(1 is normal soup and another 1 is tom yam)

seafood..i super love the green mussel

so, FINALE..the poster that i edited..for me it seems very crowded..but the question wanted 6 layer so i pun taruk la bnyk2 pic untuk membanyakkan layer2 tersebut..hehehehe..i xkisah cantik or not..plg penting is I DAH SIAP..which mean that i've done my homework and i can submit it tomorrow..hehehehe..Gemoki-Chan said that it is comel..btw of cause he had to said that cause if he kutuk2 my poster i will mengamuk2 back..


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