Monday, April 25, 2011

Final exam..

i will be away from updating my blog due to my final exam..



Monday, April 18, 2011

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Friday, April 15, 2011

expect the unexpected



just now i went to Biotech3..which is super jauh from bus stop and no body's know where is it except for the student from my faculty..i don't have class today but i went there from price given ceremony for mgm(1 of the subject that i take this semester) lecturer announce that my group won for the best presentation..

i'm very very shock...cause i think that other groups presented better than us..n our presentation kind a boring..other groups used a lot of video in their presentation & there were also certain groups that acted during the presentation..again..i'm shock..i keep on thinking bout the reason that we won..i think that we won because of our content(which is quite lengkap compare to others)& our CEO's great presentation..hehehe..


i'm not sure bout what kind of prize that we get just now..but logically i think that it is money reward..

then another unexpected thing happened today..bib, nisah & i were surveying the supervisor for of final year project(FYP) today we decided to meet Dr. Puad first..he said that if we're under him we will do our research about tissue culture..we're so excited bout that and decided to take him as our supervisor..then, bib & i had to meet Dr.Ho to tell her that we dont wanna take her as our supervisor..bud unluckily she's not in her room so we left a notice (on a piece of paper) in front of her room..



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

all bout pics

i baru je siap my adobe pic..i was given an assignment to edit a poster(of a movie)..n i need to edit it by using adobe photoshop..
b4 we citer about it dengan lebih lanjut, i baru je borrowed a wire that connect my phone to my lappy(cause my lappy xde wireless..maklum la..laptop i dah lama..dah nak masuk 4 years..tq lappy for always being sgt sihat sampai i xpenah pun bawa u pegi kedai tok format)..i borrowed it from Roe(if u read this TQ dear)..

so bila dah ble connect this 2 things together, i can upload the pic yang i teringin nak upload but xble..hehe..

this is the pic of the 2 black swan at mines..snap their pic when i went to Mines with Paah last time..its kind a remind me to the poster that i edited..hehehe..

2 ekor angsa tgh berenang2 dengan happynya..

seekor angsa tengah??? (i xtau dia tgh watpe..dia tgh garu2 ke cuci2 wing dia??)

nie lak pic2 yang i snap time teman zati pegi interview kat marriott hotel..time buhsan lepak sorg2 kat lobby i pun snap2 pic..

kat dalam marriott..

kat tepi pintu masuk dia..

pasu bunga(pokok 2 xde bunga pun)

in front..

in front lagi

kat dalam dia yang nice

nie lak pics time i makan2 at Flaming Steamboat..actually xbnyk pic pun cause we concentrated more on makan2..hehehe..(of cause i need to eat a lot..i bayar mahal tau)..

i wanna focus on that STAR(we called it starfish), the sotong kurita and the long2 siput(which Zaem called KAYU)

Zaem lapa giler til he cant wait for the steamboat..

our periuk that contained 2 types of soup(1 is normal soup and another 1 is tom yam)

seafood..i super love the green mussel

so, FINALE..the poster that i edited..for me it seems very crowded..but the question wanted 6 layer so i pun taruk la bnyk2 pic untuk membanyakkan layer2 tersebut..hehehehe..i xkisah cantik or not..plg penting is I DAH SIAP..which mean that i've done my homework and i can submit it tomorrow..hehehehe..Gemoki-Chan said that it is comel..btw of cause he had to said that cause if he kutuk2 my poster i will mengamuk2 back..


Sunday, April 10, 2011

weird or unique???


Label..the most big L that everybody kind a LOVE THE MOST..mostly we know love LV, D&G, Marc Jacobs, and etc..

Fashion icon-mostly Hollywood artists..cause most of us cant afford to buy that clothes..hello worth 1k ++..besides them, only rich people can afford it..

people like us cant only afford something cheaper..i will definitely admit that i love Label/Brand..and of coz i only can afford to shop at Mango & Forever 21..maybe like once/twice a year..

i just randomly online last night and i found the pictures during

Grammys 2011

their fashion are weird(in my opinion..i dont know what do u think about that)

nicky minaj..
aku rasa if dia masuk dlm kandang rimau..mesti encik rimau tu confuse..dia nie kawan en rimau ke bukan???

jenna ushkowitz
mcm combination of reben2..nampak pelik n murah..

florence welch..
hebat la angsa2 itu..y smua cam use it the latest trend??

she looks like dia datang from other planet..

i xrasa ada org lain yang akan pakai baju cam 2..

katy perry..
nampak cam angle..tapi perlu ke ada sayap2 tue??

Flaming Steamboat


i went to flaming steamboat today!!!i went there with zaem and tikah to celebrate tikah's birthday..nua cannot join us coz he has someting else that he need 2 do(bagi ceramah)..

we went to Sunway Pyramid at 2 pm.tikah fetched me and zm first then zm drove to sunway..we window shop and i end up buying an umbrella at Daiso(all items at daiso is RM5) and a few stuffs at watson..i would love to remind u guys that saturday is a NO plastics bag day around KL and Selangor..Penang is more HEBAT -everyday NO plastic bag day..hehehehe..

this is our 1st time going to Flaming Steamboat and we kind a lost..then we call the restaurant and they told us their exact location..

location-next to Sinway Pyramid..Below Sun Inn Hotel

operating hour-5pm - 12am

price-25/person(i'm bot sure about the child price)

i already made a reservation yesterday so we dont have 2 be like berebut2 with other people..and i forget to mention it is a buffet restaurant..we went to Flaming Steamboat at 5..we kutip all the seafood 1st and masak is very worth if u eat seafood at the restaurant coz seafood is expensive compare to the other..

me- i love the siput sudu(kupang)

tikah-love the siput panjang(i dun exactly know its name but zaem called it KAYU)

zaem-i think he makan everything and not specifically love anything(hehehe)

we makan2 there for 2 hours..then we all pun balik la...i would love to upload our pics but i dun have a cable that can connect my hp to my lappy/bluetooth device at my lappy/card reader(had 1 but rosak)..huhu..



Friday, April 8, 2011

2en1 again


back 2 what i promise before, i wanna write more bout 2en1..

i started to know them when i randomly click on korean video at youtube..there are 4 members in their group, CL(the leader),Dara( like her..she's beautiful),Minzy(she's cute & she is the youngest) and Bom(she always sing the chorus)...

here is the website(2en1) that you should click if you wanna know them better..hehehehe..from this website you can see all their video clip..btw right now i super duper love Go Away...hehehe..



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my task..


do-on9 fb, updated my blog

listen to-kiss by dara and it hurts by 2en1

chat with-ckin

called-my mama


will be doing

-slide present mgm

-formal letter

-watching fairy tail

will achieve freedom
-2moro at 7.15pm

wish me luck


Monday, April 4, 2011


last weekend i suddenly ter'view' their video clip at youtube..

n i terus automatically fall in love(can I use that word??who cares)

so i pun sembang2 with zati and she said that she also like them..

i usually not easy to like songs other than english songs but i think that i like them coz their song is rancak and not gedik..

they also cute..

try la search kat youtube to see their video..

i'm so lazy to link that for u..hehehe

i promise that i'll update bout them later when i finish all my presentation on this wed..



Saturday, April 2, 2011


its april already..

-another 2 weeks of classes..

-1 week study week holiday..

-2 weeks of final exam..

i dont know where i should start to write about..lets start with what i did yesterday..

i went to Jln TAR yesterday with my cosmate, Paah..we went out around 9sumting and of course we reached Jln TAR around 10sumtg or 11(cant really remember that..hehe) happened because we took public transportation.. first we met each other at Putra FC then we took the bus to FBMK..then we had to took another bus(Komuter-this bus functions as shuttle bus from upm- komuter Serdang and likewise). when we reached Ktm serdang, we bought a 1 way ticket to Bank Negara..

when we reached at the Bank Negara, both of us were hungry. so we decided to had lunch at Subway..after that we go to SOGO to window shop and brought ourselves straight to Jln shopping2 there..i only bought a kain for baju kurung(bought 2..for me n mama..RM10 each)..dont know bout the quality but its just for fun..of course i know that my mama is not choosy..)

we went 2 Mines after that..i told Paah that at night there is bazaar in front of the house there(suddenly i forget bout that building's name) we decided to wait till night..we tapau our dinner and went to that bazzar around 8.but it still not fully opened yet..then tikah told me that she wanna come to upm to take her jeruk which she ordered from me..


today, i received a call from Zati asking me to fetch her to Marriott because she dont has a transport to go for her interview..luckily i have a moto with me for this weekend..unluckily i dont have extra we were searching for the helmet like crazy and we got it last minutes..

so we went to Marriott is the first time i go to it to the other hotel that i went before(which is not really a lot including E&O, i think that Marriott is the best..) the architecture is great..

p/s:you should try to go there at least 1 time..just go and lepak at the lobby..they won't halau u if u do that..hehe..

their interview start at 11 but each 1 of them(penang, jojo and zati) went to the interview roon at 1..they were nervous and it makes me think what will happen if that is my interview..huhuhu..after the interview session finish, we went to Padang for lunch..the nasi ayam there is delicious..the sambal is sedap but it pedas..hehe

owh..i forgot to mention how near is upm 2 marriott..very2 near..if u cycle maybe it takes sometime to reach there..y dont my faculty do our dinner there.. i think its better to do it there compare to at the club(its not a night club, its a kelab-like for the persatuan..duhh)..i dont mind paying more if it is at the hotel..honestly, the first time i had the annual dinner at the place other than hotel is during my first year of degree..(even my school can afford doing dinner at HOTEL)..come on people..wake up!wake up!..)..and i never heard anybody told me that they had dinner at ...(other than hotel la)..the theme???even high schools have a theme grater than that..