Thursday, March 24, 2011

it has been DECIDED

after hours of thinking and asking for others opinion..

i finally decided not to go to the faculty dinner..

quite sad but i make a back up plan..

i'm going back to penang this weekend.

for this weekend:-

  • watch movie with ckin at tgv (bean bag seat)

for those who doesn't know what is bean here's the pic of it

after coming back to upm:-
  • shopping at Jln TAR
  • lunch at Flaming steambot with white stock-ink
  • maen ice skating ngan cosmate aku
  • lepak kat shah alam

tetiba i feel like i have a lot of plans in not going 2 dinner doesnt stop me for having fun..besides i cant save my dinner money for my other plans

i just pray that all my plan that i decide will come through..


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