Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm not FUSSY but i'm CHOOSY

hello dear..

i dunno if that topic have anything to do with what i'm gonna write but i think that it is regarding to my faculty dinner..which help me stuck in the dilemma..i know it is sound like dramatic..

I'm not FUSSY but i'm CHOOSY

yup that sentence is truly shows my characteristics..if u dont trust me u can ask my family or my bff..u can also ask my cat if u want to..i dun mind at all if u do that..

ok..we go back to the main topic which is my faculty dinner:

so here is some random information about it:-

vanue:kelab tasik putrajaya

time:8-10.30pm(i'm not sure bout this)

theme-malay traditional..


the advantages:-

ble posing amek gambar..

the disadvantages:-

mahal..dah la makan dia sekali hidang je..

tema tradisional-so old skool..n aku ble pkai tema 2 time raya..

so aku pun tgh pk nk pi ke x?

korang rasa2??

ckin kata xyah g..sbb kitorg nak g tgk movie seat bean bag..hehehe

zati kata xyah..bek aku g mkan kat flamingo..



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