Thursday, February 3, 2011

new thing on my blog..

i actually dunno y i created this blog actually..i created it becoz it seems fun..but after watching vampire diaries i admire sentence.sumting like diary can help us to remember what happened.well i this case people nowadays modern it by blogging..hehehe..memory r precious..i still remember clearly how prof. dumbledoor(i dunno how to spell his name) in Harry Potter take out his memories so that he can view them again.

so back to d topic are a few things that i added to my blog..*still learning.hehehe*

-d nuffnag advertisement (click la if rajin..hehe)

-no right click(tengok org lain wat trasa nak wat gak)

-d hit counter(just 4 my info)

i am so naive bout i learn it from blog walking..seeing some1 else blog is fun.. there r certain blog which teach on how to improve blogging n how to improve or add sumting in d blog..still learning..hehehehe..



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