Saturday, February 19, 2011

Matsumoto Jun

kenalkah anda dengan mamat nie??
pernahkah anda tengok dia kat mana2?

i only accept YES for the answer of these questions??


let me start on how i TERPIKIR that i wanna post about him..2 nights ago, in the middle of midnight, after i tiredly coming back from K2 which i did my burger business, Zati came to my room, excitedly to exchange movie with she gave me hana yori dango final(which i've never watch it before becoz i didnt find that movie..) last night i watched that movie at 1am..YEAY..hehehehe..he's so handsome like always..

i think that i already forgot how much i admire him before..hehehehe..1st i know him in hana yori dango 1. my 1st impression on the 1st episode:- sape la mamat nie..cmne la dia ble jadi hero..xencem pun(his hair curly-curly perm in that movie)..pas2 evil lak 2...

after looking at his face lama2..then i realize how cute he is..hehehehehe..then i fall in love(hehehehehe)..then i started to info bout his songs and video..(kan bagus if i wat cmnie time study)..and not to forget i try my best to search for the movie that he acted...

antara movie that he acted are:-
hana yori dango 1,2 and final..
his hair is curl in this make him look xcute for a few 1st episode..

kimi wa petto..
he acted as momo..he can dance well in this movie..siap menari bellet lak 2..

Gokusen 1
he's super duper cute in this movie..with his highlight hair and the hairstyle it make him looks very 2 cute..especially when he's smile..

this is Arashi..he's 1 of the member of this group..he's also can sing n dance well..

got to go..wanna hang out at alamanda..



  1. saya kenal dia...!!
    tapi xde la hana yori 2 n final...

  2. hehe..dtg rumah saya..nnt saya bagi(aka aku pun xtau aku letak cd 2 katna..hehehehe..tapi aku tau dia sgt comey)